Q&A with a Coach

Q1) How do I better see the patterns in Telechart that David posts to the stock calendar?

Q2) How long should I spend the night before looking at stocks for patterns...especially if I'm a beginner? I realize that the more experience I have, the faster I will be.

A1) I think it's excellent that you are trying to get better at reading patterns.  This is something that you will begin to grasp with time.  Continue to review your workbook and ask the coaches questions when you are not sure about a pattern.  Remember there is a certain art to trading, coupled with our 3-legged trading system—some artists take awhile before they are great at what they do.  Practice is key. Remember that there are three ways for a stock to trend.  It can trend by rolling diagonally, by stair stepping, or by flag patterns.  This will be helpful for you to remember.  

A2) Like you said, the more time you put into educating yourself the faster you will be, even with your “homework.”  As a beginner, you should aim for spending at least 30-60 minutes a night educating yourself and doing your homework for the next day. Of course if you miss a day, that's okay too! Doing this will help you become a better trader and is a great place to start.