Welcome to the Office - Ben Mitchell

A few months ago, I was asked to oversee a very special role here at our corporate office.  This role is organizing and scheduling office visits for all of our wonderful students who are interested in seeing our day-to-day operations in Corsicana, TX.  I have the privilege of talking to students, and setting up a time for them to come join us for a tour of our office.  Here is an example of what you can expect if you were to come see us:


Upon arriving to Corsicana, you will immediately be amazed at just how beautiful your hometown seems compared to this town.  As my dad has always said, “One very good thing about living in this area is that everywhere else you go in the world is beautiful!”  You’ll probably be very surprised to see that our corporate office location is in this little town, an hour south of Dallas, and any major city.  But having our office here has its back-story, and it has always been NeUventure’s home.  Our unbelievable tech team has been able to provide us with solutions to enable NVOWS to perform as if it were in Dallas, so we have the comforts of this small town, with the benefits of a large city.  It’s a win/win.


After getting into town, you’ll soon arrive at the office, and see the better side of Corsicana—our incredible team!  As you walk into the door, you’ll be greeted by the most kindhearted receptionist you’ll ever meet, and most of you already know her well just by talking to her on the phone everyday—we’re blessed to have Glenda Davis. 


Shortly after your arrival, we will embark on the tour.  Most of the time, I will be the one who personally shows you around the operation, and introduces you to everyone on the team.  We start by taking a short walk by our NVOWS’ “Wall of Fame”.  This, you will see, is the product of our recent corporate photo shoot, and you’ll finally be able to put faces to names.  After this, we make our way down the hall to my Dad’s office (Founder and CEO, David Mitchell) where you will get a chance to see a little bit of our family history in the form of photographs and paintings hanging on the wall, and my great-grandfather’s desk where he taught my dad how to trade in the stock market at a young age.  This is personally my favorite stop of the tour.


As we make our way around the office, we will pop in on the Event Processing & Billing Department (Maria Estrada, Keila Cruz, and Tiffany Wilburn), the Event Coordinating Department (Katie Calvert and Emily Pair), our Programming & Tech Department (Colin Calvert and Dustin Griffith), and the S&H/Event Prep Department (John Krchmar), where you will meet the dedicated people that keep everything running behind the scenes.


We’ll run into a few of NVOWS’ gems along the way, such as Jenny Taylor (David’s Assistant and a Seminar Speaker), Katie Huber (COO), and Dave Huber (Executive VP), all working on the “big picture” projects of NeUventure and making sure things are running smoothly.


Not too long after, we will reach the main attraction of the tour: the room that most of you probably think about when you’re at home talking to one of our Coaches, or Customer Support Specialists on the phone.  This is the room where every customer phone call and email is handled, with great care, by the heart of our entire operation.  You’ll see, on one side of the room, what we refer to as “The Coaches Corner”: Jake Moore, Eric Wright, Andrew Wilburn, Geoffrey Nance, and Micah May.  You will get a chance to see all of these guys in action as they continue to assist customers throughout the tour.  On the other side of the room, you will see our team of Customer Support Specialists: Clay Feller, Beth Wright, Laura Moore, and Brandy Nance.  These wonderful folks talk to every person that is new to our system, skeptical of our system, or just want more information about everything we do.  They are the ones helping you get set up and on your way!  Let’s face it, working in customer service, and talking to that many people throughout the day can be very hectic, but this group of specialists do it willingly, and they love getting the chance to help so many great people.


At this point, I will walk you through how our customer support system works, in regards to taking care of so many students throughout the day, and how our team so efficiently complete the tasks handed to them.  It is by far the most interesting part of the tour, and the best example of how our day-to-day operations work. 


Lastly, we’ll visit with the Accounting Department—Joe Henry, Jenny Swartzentruber, and Misty Feller.  I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how fun this particular group is (despite the fact that they’re all accountants).  Here is a hint: they tend to head up most of our office pranks!


In just a short 15-20 minutes, you will have an idea of just how much all of you mean to us here at NVOWS.  Every member of our team is constantly dedicated to you (and to the rest of our students), making sure that you’re ready to implement the NVOWS cash-flow-investing system into your family’s life.  You will see that everyone here is more than willing to go out of their way to help every individual that is a part of our NeUventure family, and how they use their strengths in their various departments to complete this “dream team” of co-workers, and loyal team members to the man that put all of this together with God’s blessing and guidance—my dad, David Mitchell.


As for me personally, I have found that being a part of this team, and at such a young age, has made a profound impact on my life, and has assured me that pursuing my career with NeUventure on Wall Street sooner rather than later, was indeed the right choice, and that the Lord had it in store for me.  I have loved every moment of it, since first getting trained over a year ago.  Getting the chance to personally participate in your visit to the office is one of the highlights of my job.  I love getting the opportunity to meet and socialize with you in person so that I can hear your story, and get the chance to show what my family has put together, all for the benefit of empowering our brothers and sisters in Christ with a system that can change their lives, and potentially change the world.


So, I urge you to give us a call so that I can put you on the schedule for an office tour and show you around our awesome operation.  Just ask for Ben.