Get to Know the NVOWS Team!

One of the things I am most excited about with NVOWS’ social media launch is that it will give you—our students—a great way to get to know the entire team!  You already know the people you met at the seminar you attended: your speaker.  Perhaps your speaker was the dynamic and energetic Mark Wilburn?  Or maybe you were able to meet the passionate and charismatic couple, Marsha and Kenny Jones?  There are many other speakers that travel around the country sharing their hearts, their knowledge, and their passion with thousands of students every year.  We want you to get to hear from them, read what they’re all about, and hear why they decided they wanted to make this their vocation and ministry!  Social media will allow this.

Ok, so once you have attended a seminar, what then?  Who is the lovely voice you hear when you call the corporate office?  Why that is our friendly and compassionate receptionist, Glenda!  Maybe you need a little help getting your charting software up and running, or need to know how your Insider membership works?  Our customer support team is outstanding at quickly, yet thoroughly, assisting with your every need!  From the ever-pleasant and smiling Micah, to the knowledgeable and friendly Brandy, or any of the other helpful support team members—they are all here to make sure YOU are up and running and on your way to making great trades in no time!

And then of course there are the NVOWS Certified Coaches—the guys and gals behind the lines with you.  Are you in a trade and just need a little reassurance you’re making good decisions?  Or perhaps you need a reminder of how to draw your support and resistance lines?  Our Coaches are incredible at breaking down these things into easy to understand and manageable educational opportunities for our Top Gun students.  You’ll hang up feeling confident in where you are as a trader. 

We can’t forget about the behind the scenes people that really make your NVOWS experience awesome—how about that beautiful venue where you went to hear about this system?  That would be our Event Coordinator, Katie Calvert!  And Maria is the person who gets to set up your account and get you plugged into the system in the first place!  Or maybe you received a package in the mail from us?  John, the super smiley (I’m just kidding on that part) guy who makes sure everything is where it needs to be on time.  There are so many others who make a HUGE difference day in and day out—they do it for YOU!  This team wants YOU to succeed!  We want YOUR FAMILY to reap the benefits of this system!  We believe in you.  We can’t wait to get to know you better.

Katie Huber