5 Steps to Getting Started!

7 Easy-Peesy Tips on "Getting in the Game"

"I went to your seminar and I want to trade, but I don’t know how to get started!"

Is that you? Are you a little fuzzy on the details of what you just learned? That's okay. In fact, it’s perfectly normal! 

We are here to support you along the way.  We don’t expect you to walk away from the 2 day seminar and feel 100% ready to venture out on your own. Here are five steps to help you get started. Follow these and you can feel much more confidant about starting to trade!

  1. INSIDER— First stop; get the “inside scoop” with Insiders! Insider gets you in on David Mitchell’s market alert emails, the weekly, “It’s a Zoo!” article on market tone, as well as access to the NVOWS’ stock calendar, stock basket, industry groups and more! Get the Insiders by calling us 877-777-0703.
  2. OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT—The majority of our speakers, coaches, and students use eOption.They have very low commissions on trades and there is no minimum amount necessary to start the account.  
    If you already have a trading account, however, no worries! Any trading platform will work! To sign up for an eOption trading account, go to www.nvows.com/about-insiders/insider-tools.
  3. CHARTING SOFTWARE—We recommend using Worden’s Telechart TC2000 charting which is $29.99/mo and is set up through Worden, not our company. You can locate it on our website by going to www.nvows.com/about-insiders/insider-tools.
  4. PRACTICE— We know you're eager, but before you do any actual trading make sure you’ve done at least 10-20 successful paper trades. Not sure how to paper trade? That's okay! We show you just how to do that here! http://www.nvows.com/insiders/insider-tutorials
  5. TRADE—Once you’ve completed your practice trades (tripled your play money), you may be ready to begin trading! So stay tuned for the next few articles where we dive into more details!


You have all the tools you need right at your fingertips to get started! And we’re always happy to help walk you through any questions you have.

Call, email, or get involved on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with our team and other students!So are you ready? Happy Trading!


** There are tutorials on many of the subjects we’ve covered here! Find them here! http://www.nvows.com/insiders/insider-tutorials