Leaving a Legacy

by Cristie McLoud

 Life begins where your comfort zone ends.  That's the beginning of your Legacy. Action trumps everything! Are you afraid to leave your comfort zone?

In Seminar One, we talk about leaving a Legacy. You must have one to leave one. So the question is, how do you make a legacy for yourself?

Captain Brown, David's great-grandfather took an enormous risk to leave his family a HUGE Legacy, making it possible for David to change all of our lives! It wasn’t an easy choice for him, it took risk and some people probably thought he was crazy. But it’s what changed his family legacy and how the rest of his generations lived.

Stock Trading is out of most of our comfort zones, its out right scary till you know what your doing. Think about it, our first day of school is scary, our first day at work is scary, our first date (haha) is scary. The unknown is always scary! But each of those things is worth the risk. We stick to it because we know it will change something about how we live and that change is worth it.

Feel comfortable knowing you have a NeUventure family.  If you are a Top Gun, our coaches are phenomenal and are here for you to guide you with your new venture! 

Like anything, take it one step at a time, FAITH over FEAR and trade like a robot!

You will have a great feeling of accomplishment knowing you’re leaving your family a LEGACY!