Race Around the Learning Curve

How to Use Webinars to Improve Your Trading!

Everyone’s doing them. Why aren’t you?

Maybe you’ve seen or heard us talk about our weekly webinars, but if you’re not aware of how they can transform your trading life, you need to read this article.

I remember when my husband (then, fiancé) and I joined NeUventure. We were scared and he was excited. As we poured over the webinars each week, however, we started to understand patterns, critiques and the little questions that inevitably come up. If we took an expense, instead of getting discouraged we learned what we did wrong because David was able to answer those questions. It was so encouraging to hear other real people making money too! The webinars are what we look back on as what kept us going and made us confident that we actually could do this.

Does this sound like something you’d like to experience? Let me fill you in on what the webinars are and how to get in on the fun!

Our webinars are kind of like a “group call” but you’ll not only LISTEN, you’ll also be able to SEE what is on the host’s screen. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll get an email invite a few days before the webinar with a link you can follow to join.
  2. Once you join, you have the ability to “chat” in questions.  (There are team members sifting through the questions, answering them, and some are asked directly to the host for him to answer live!)
  3. David and his crew will talk through the subject being taught and, depending on which webinar you’re participating in, you’ll even have the chance to vote on a stock to trade with the group!
  4. Once the webinar is finished, you’ll get emails throughout the week with David’s thoughts on the content covered.
  5. Don’t forget, if you’re not able to make the live webinar, we record them and they are available in our archive for viewing at your leisure!  Contact us for the info you’ll need to access them.  And you can also call or email to deactivate your webinar whenever you’d like, and then reactivate when you’re ready!


Here are the different Webinars and what they cover:

Coaching Webinar: Fine tune your skills and get answers on trading questions, while you hear from students across the country. The Coaching Webinar extends your seminar experience so that you never feel alone in your trading. Get focused on the basic principles that all traders must know to be successful, while you fine tune your skills to increase your profits.

When: Monday nights from 7:45-8:25pm CST


10 – Trade Stock Webinar: Attendees collectively go through stocks and narrow them down to the very best one to purchase. The group determines the best buy and sell points with David’s guidance. 

When: Monday nights from 7-7:40pm CST


10 – Trade Options Webinar: (Sem II is a pre-requisite) Same as above, only with options! Webinar does not end until the group has voted on 10 trades, whether it takes 10 weeks or 10 months.

When: Monday nights from 8:30-9:20pm CST


10 – Trade Credit Spread Webinar: (Sem III is a pre-requisite) Also the same as the other 10-trade webinars but discusses Seminar Three level spreads.

When: Sunday nights from 9-9:40pm CST


10 Trade Debit Spread Call Writing Combo Webinar: (Sem IV is a pre-requisite)

This seminar is similar to the others but instead of 1 type of trade, we cover 2 strategies, Debit Spreads and Call Writing.

When: Sunday nights 8-8:55pm CST