Telechart FAQ's

So you've attended Seminar I and you see that there's a way to make some extra cash flow this year. But you are a little fuzzy on the details, specifically this thing called Telechart. Welcome to the club! We understand it can be overwhelming to start something totally new and we'd like to make it easier for you. 

Below, one of our fantastic Certified Coaches, Eric, has written the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions he encounters in the office. So whether you're brand new at this, or just want a refresher on Telechart, enjoy some wisdom and knowledge from one of our trusted Coaches. 


How do I get started?

-Go to

-Scroll down and find the heading "More,"  

-Just under "More" will be a link that says "try TC2000 Free for 14 days"

-Click there 


Where can I find help on how to use Telechart?

We have several helpful and well done tutorial videos for you to watch in your Insiders. 


How do I download David Mitchell's Setting (DM Setttings)?

Full instructions on how to download DM settings are listed in your Insiders under the David Mitchell's Settings tab. 


How do I draw lines on telechart?

You can simply push the "D" button and it will bring up a cursor that you can click and drag to draw a line.


How do I draw a parallel line on telechart?

Mouse over the middle of the red section of any line and a yellow circle will appear.  Right click the yellow circle and a "Create parallel line" button will appear.


My chart is going out of the top of my screen and I can't see it, how can I see it?

Simply click on the minus key and it will lower the trajectory of the chart to where you can see it. 


How can I go back in time on the chart in order to paper trade?

Use the bracket keys to go forward and backwards in time.  Use shift+bracket keys to move faster. 


How can I see exact price points on telechart?

Push the period key twice and it will bring up a horizontal and vertical line that will allow you to find exact price points and dates. 


How can I find a particular stock? 

Click on the jump button (the little bunny) and you can type in any ticker symbol.


How can I find a specific list?

Click on the main button, it will be located in the top left hand side and will be labeled "charts with notes."  When you click this a drop down will come down with all of the preset list that David has setup. You will want to mainly use the "A+" or the "$30 or less" lists.


How can I write a note on my chart?

Simply click the little pencil icon in the top middle of your screen.  This will bring a drop down and you click on the "ABC".  This will allow you to type whatever you would like on your chart.


Can I put Telechart on a Mac?

You can put Telechart on a Mac if you put windows on it first.  You can do this with a program called VMware Fusion or Parallels. This will allow you to load windows on your computer and then you will be able to run Telechart on your Mac.


Can I put Telechart on a Tablet? 

You can put telechart on a tablet, but it is very difficult to use and is better and easier to use on a laptop.