Trade like a Robot

by Cristie McLoud

Have you ever played the “surely” play? “Surely this will go up just a little more! I said I’d get out now but it’s looking so good I’ll just stay in a little longer!”. How did it go?

Even though your play might have gone your way, there is no guarantee it will. You might as well go gamble in Vegas. David tells us to trade like a robot because this is what helps us keep the rules. We aren’t tempted to break the rules based on our emotions.

David told me once, ok, maybe twice, trade like a ROBOT. Take the emotion out of the trade.... Me, I don't have emotions, I am a girl! If only that were true. You men may think you don’t have them, but you’ll be surprised how you let your emotions get involved in your trades!

Here’s the deal, if you trade like a ROBOT you won't ever second-guess yourself. You know your entrance and your exit points (one of our rules), so you follow the rules and won’t let greed or excitement cloud your vision.

Robots are not greedy and not impatient, nor do they panic.

Do you see how much easier it will be if you take the emotion out of it?  

Follow David's rules, he has them for a reason...OR...go ahead and break a rule, you will only break it once...JUST SAYIN!!!!