We are Thankful for You

Around Thanksgiving we are always reminded of the people in our lives we are grateful for. This Thanksgiving, YOU are those people! Here are just a few ways we are grateful for you, because you should know that you are appreciated!

  1. It means the entrepreneurial spirit is not completely dead in America! There are people that are still willing to educate themselves and take calculated risks to create wealth for their families.
  2. We're thankful for those of you who are part of the body of Christ! Don't forget, a Christian with money is a powerful thing! You can do lots of good in the world.
  3. We're thankful for the many prayers you send our way! We feel your love and support on a daily basis, just as we are blessed to love and support you!
  4. You are a part of our extended family! There is a special bond between NVOWS and our students.
  5. We're thankful for your patronage! You support this system by purchasing NVOWS' products and services. Because of this we're able to support all of you, as well as expand to new markets and reach more people!
  6. We're thankful for the patience you have in squirrel markets and the excitement you have during times of trading!
  7. We're thankful for the fun we have with you! From the lively seminars, to the fantastic trips, and everything in between! We have a blast with you.
  8. We're thankful for those of you who were diligent enough to reach your goals, and for those of you who are persevering still!
  9. We're thankful that you share your stories, your families, and your passion with us!! Your testimonies are life changing!
  10. We're thankful you conquered your fears and gave stock trading a chance!!

We are so thankful to count you as part of our family and hope you feel loved this holiday week.

Happy Thanksgiving