When Success Knocks at Your Door

by Madi May

I hear almost every weekend something like, “Where was this information 20 years ago?” or “Man, I wish I’d known that when I was young!”.

It’s a hard thing to have regrets. It’s even harder to take the action needed to keep us from having more regrets. 

Listen to me: Without taking a step of courage into the unknown or the uncontrollable we won’t ever find the fulfillment of our dreams that are waiting for us.

Do you think any successful person in life, whether financially or otherwise, ever got there without taking risks that were truly terrifying? No way! Success and happiness are not given to those unwilling to push themselves to heights they would have never naturally gone.

My husband works in the office at NVOWS and this week he made a startling and life changing realization. He was faced with 2 trades that he almost got in but for one reason or another didn’t, and would have made enough money to triple his account.  He had the right support lines, knew when to get in, had his emotions in check and was ready to go. But do you know what happened?


Life happened. Life filled with a thousand reasons and excuses. “I didn’t have time to set up an alert”, “I was too tired to do it over lunch”, “I had too much to do”….

Have you ever heard those excuses? Have you heard them coming from your very mouth?

We have. Far too many times. And this last week it cost us money. But it didn’t just cost us money, it held us just a little further back from completing more than one of our life goals.


What has it cost you?

Are you holding back on trading because you have a plethora of such excuses to keep you from doing something you KNOW you can do?

In each person’s life there comes a breaking point. It’s the one where we stop letting regret cloud our lives. We decide to instead use it to FUEL our fire for life. For the dreams we let slip by.

Take a good look in the mirror and see what you’ve missed out on. Remember what you wanted to do. Remember why you joined NeUventure. It wasn’t just to make money, was it? Was it to change the world through your dreams and strengths? Was it to help family? To serve your community?

Whatever it was, you had that dream for a reason and I’m here to tell you not to give up on it.

Take all the excuses keeping you from those dreams, grab them by the arm and throw them out the door. Here’s how:

Learn stop outs. Set alerts. Study good buy points. Call the office. Ask Questions. Draw trend lines until you get it right. Don’t doubt yourself.  Learn. Learn. Learn. Whatever it is that's keeping you from trading, stop doing it. Don’t let a lack of knowledge or confidence keep you from doing what you're supposed to be doing. 


Do it.

Just do it.


I know you can. Do you?

“Live in the present, with wisdom from the past to fuel your vision for the future.”