Student Highlight - Ken and Judy Hollingsworth

We get the question a lot, "If you can make money trading, why teach about it?"

THIS is why. Because when we bring hope, support and resources to someone who wants to impact the world like this family, if we can give the leaders of this world what they need to accomplish their dreams, we've accomplished our dreams. 

Meet Ken and Judy Hollingsworth, who have served the Lord for 30 years in northern  Cameroon, Africa.... 


"Ken heard about Neuventure on the radio. He decided he would like to go to the first seminar. I went along reluctantly. There we met a couple beside us who had brought their older children to the seminar. They had just begun trading and were seeing that it was working for them. They wanted their children to learn the skills. They assured us it was not a scam. 

 Our Family

Our Family

Like many our age, we lost half of our retirement in 2008. We are now retirement age, but not yet retired.

We spent our lives translating the New Testament for a group of people in northern Cameroon, the Mofu-Gudur people. After 30 years with the people, we dedicated the New Testament in 2008, and stayed two more years to translate Sunday School materials and Old Testament portions, write AIDS material, Bible studies, help publish a hymn book, and teach people how to use the New Testament and its many helps.

During that time they also received Proclaimers with the New Testament on them. These are like MP3 players which are charged by solar power. They formed listening groups and over 22,000 Mofu people were listening to the New Testament for a half hour each week and then discussing it for a half hour. People’s lives were changed, and we are so thankful to see some of the fruit of our many years among the Mofu.

  Mofu-Gudur reading their New Testament at the dedication in 2008.

Mofu-Gudur reading their New Testament at the dedication in 2008.

As missionaries, we don’t make a lot of money, so our retirement nest egg is not huge. But we are happy with the blessings God gives us. Through NeUventure, we are hoping to learn how to grow the money we have received from our parents, in order to bless our children and grandchildren.

We also want to help the Mofu people and other Bibleless peoples in Cameroon as much as we can. There are many needs. Each year during August and September, people in that area are starving. They have run out of all grain months before, do not have money, and must work hard in the fields since that is the time for growing the crops. We want money to send to buy grain to help people who are so very hungry.

Then there are needs for the work of translation. Right now our team is lacking power to run their computers. They need new batteries for their solar system, but have no funds to buy them. They will need new computers, and we need new computers too, in order to carry on helping them from afar.

   The Mambay at the dedication of the Gospel of Mark in 2011.

 The Mambay at the dedication of the Gospel of Mark in 2011.

Our hope is also to help another people group called the Mambay. They are scattered in the northern part of Cameroon and southern Chad. They have received one book of the New Testament, Mark, but the translation coordinator died in 2011 when he was bitten by a snake.

The other translators are scattered from one another, often living where there is no electricity or web access, which makes it very difficult to help them from a distance. Ken would like to have funds to help the most talented of the translators be able to quit his job as an engineer and concentrate full time on translation. We also want to fund travel money so the translators can get together at least once a month to check their work.


We are learning how to trade, and thankful for our small successes. We hope that we will grow and learn well, and that God might bless our trading and help us to use it for His glory and the advancement of His kingdom here on earth. (Our trading corporation, which we started in faith, is called Psalm 67 Inc, named for the psalm which begins “May God be gracious to us and bless us”, which we also used at our wedding.)"


Ken and Judy Hollingsworth