Team Highlight - Dustin!

Have you ever wondered how we keep track of so many students? Or who updates our website? Or what happens when a computer breaks down? This guy plays a huge role in all of these things and we are SO glad to have him on our team!

Meet Dustin!


Q: What do you do at NeUventure?
A:   I mostly do computer programming which means I build software to make peoples jobs easier and save time. I also work on our site and many other related projects. My second role is in-house support. When a computer or any of it’s peripherals breaks I am the one that gets to fix it.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your job?
 A:  The people. I work with some really amazing people. Colin is the smartest developer I have ever worked with and it is great to have him as a Senior Developer. 


Q: Why do you do what you do? 

A: Since I was a child I have always wondered how things work. I am not satisfied until I fully understand. When I got my first computer I had to figure it out. Computers being so complex lead me down a long path of learning. I love it and it never gets old. 

Q: Who is your favorite coach to listen to in the office?
A:  None of them. If I go all day without talking to a coach it means everything is working and I get to continue programming. Outside of the office I enjoy talking to all of them.


Q: What are you passionate about? 

A:  Science and education. 


Q: Are you married? If so, to whom and for how long?

A:  I am not married or dating. I will some day but for now my focus is on education. 


Q: Tell us two random thing we don’t know about you!
 A:  As much as I love programming I often wonder why I didn’t become an Astrophysicist. I may someday go to college to pursue this dream. 

A:  I built my own house. It is small because it is just me.