Pinching Pennies - Is It Really Worth It?

We've been told often that the only way to "make more money" is to save more money, but is that true? Is it really wise to just "save, save, save," and pinch pennies so we can retire and get out of debt?

That might seem wise but if it keeps you in the same job with the same income and very little time freedom, is that really going to allow you to do what God created you to do? You probably dreamed big as a child, but do you feel you are able to pursue any of those now?

Or are we all just stuck with $50-100 “fun money” each month and $200 in giving?

Imagine this:

You spontaneously go out to eat with a friend who is in need of encouragement and doesn’t have ANY money.

Of course, as a friend, you want to pay for their meal. You want to be able to treat them out and give them hope and encouragement! But you look down at your budget and see that it says YOU barely have enough to go out to eat, let alone pay for your friend.

It just wouldn’t be wise to treat them out.

Is that really it?

Does God just want us to be “good stewards”, which means, “save, don’t spend”?

That doesn’t sound like the faith of Abraham, the power of Paul and the miracles of Jesus. Is there MORE to that story that we’re missing?

We believe there is. There is a way to be a good steward AND have enough to treat a friend out to lunch, and much more.

It comes down to this: We need to redefine what being a good steward really means.

 Haven’t we all been taught it means DON’T take risks and SAVE our money?

 That’s not what God says.

In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus tells the Parable of the Talents. In it, a man entrusts his servants with “talents” (a large sum of money). To one servant he gives 5, another 2 and another 1, each according to his ability.

What do the first two do? They take a risk and invest it, make a profit (doubled what they started with) and present it to the master. He calls them “good and faithful servants”.

The third one, however, actually does what the Christian culture often says WE should do. He buried his money saying, “I was afraid and I went and hid your talent in the ground.” He didn’t want to risk losing it in order to make more, so he played it safe.

What did the master say to him?

“You wicked and slothful servant! ….you ought to have invested my money...” and calls him a “worthless servant” when he casts him into the outer darkness.

Those are harsh words used for a man who chooses not to take risks, but hide in safety and fear.

We need to change our perspective. 

Our mindset needs to shift from thinking "small" to allowing us to CREATE wealth, not just hide in the safety of a budget and a 9-5 job with a fixed income. Budgets and jobs are good things, but they aren’t where we should end. 

You can do more! You can be more! You can think bigger. It takes being willing to think outside the box and make the “unsafe” decision to do something new. To create, to wisely risk and to wisely invest our money and time in something that will succeed. Ask anyone, student loans and paying off a house will become easier once you’re bringing in twice the income.

So this year when you’re looking to get out of debt or save for retirement, try thinking outside the box. Save, yes! But find ways, like stock trading or something else that can bring more income, with which you can start creating wealth and building a legacy bigger than you dreamed you could. Don’t just work “harder”, learn to work “smarter” and let your money work for you!

Start by writing down your goals and reading them every day. Then find a way to make it happen!