The Coaches

It’s 5 o’clock, the market’s closed

The team lets out a sigh.

The squirrel is gone, the trades are on,

and call volume was high.


“Oh Happy Days!”, sings Geoffrey Nance

To quote Pratt & McLain

“And after this, I’m off to fish!”

You hear Eric exclaim.


Dave is working quietly

on an email case

And Micah’s talking on the phone,

a smile is on his face.


Andrew says, “It’s quitting time,

And calls are slowing down.

Wrap up your work and go on home,

No need to stick around.”

But there they sit, not giving up,

They want to help some more.

There’s 1 more student in the queue

And coaches on the floor!

They race to see who gets it first,

And the winner is Geoffrey,

He tells his wife “go get the kids,

then come back to get me.”

And this is why our students love

The service they receive,

Because the ones who give it, care,

And want you to achieve.

They’ll go the extra mile for you

And teach you all they know

And then they’ll pray for God to help

To let your knowledge grow

So if you’re down and need some help

They’re not hard to approach

Just grab your phone, dial us up,

And ask us for a coach.