TRADEway: a Preacher's Perspective

“How do I make more money?” It’s a question we all ask. We all come to realize, through whatever circumstances, that we need more money. For me, it was a tool to advance my ministry and provide for my family. But the big question has always been, HOW do I get there?

 The concept of what NVOWS offers wasn’t completely new for me, since I’ve known a lot of the NVOWS team for a while, but until recently I’ve never considered going to a seminar. I’m a preacher, and, while I enjoy the subject of money, I’ve never spent a great deal of time on it. After a few conversations with the nvows group, I committed to actually going to a seminar….and I loved it! It was simple yet packed with information on me taking control of my own finances.


Why do so many of us fail in our financial lives?

This was a question I started wondering during the seminar. So many of my friends (myself included) are still in debt, I know so many people living paycheck to paycheck and I have seen so many marriages crumble at the subject of money, but why? Then it hit me, “My people are destroyed for a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE” (Hosea 4:6). The surefire way to fail is by not getting the information you need to succeed. I remember throughout some of the seminar saying, “if this is so easy why isn’t everyone doing it?” The answer is simple, they don’t know how


I bet you never thought you were doing yourself and your family a spiritual disservice by not saving.

At the end of the seminar I started thinking about all of the things I could do by building my wealth through investing and understanding God’s blessings on managed risk found in the parable of the talents. While I didn’t feel quite like a financial conqueror just yet, I learned a lot about taking the steps to become the best I could be financially (it was probably the debt talking). I also quickly realized where I need to be for not just the physical side of things but also my spiritual life. Let me explain. The Bible says “ A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children…” (Proverbs 13:22). Consider what that means. Solomon, inspired by God and given the greatest measure of wisdom, pens these words and they are timeless. I bet you never thought you were doing yourself and your family a spiritual disservice by not saving.  I know I didn’t. However, simply put, living paycheck to paycheck doesn't cut it when it comes to the scriptural definition of a “good man” according to Proverbs 13. So, by the end of the weekend that was weighing on my heart like never before. I knew I had to do something. So I got all set up software, accounts, memberships etc. and hit the ground running. I started out by paper trading, using fake money in real time with real stocks. I made money the first few trades… then I took an expense. It was what I needed though. Even though it wasn’t real money (yet) it was the feeling of victory and losing that I needed to jump in and do the real thing. 

So that brings me to today. Now, as someone who is diving headfirst into the market, I am starting to “fly my own plane” finically speaking. I am learning the ground game I need to be successful and with the help of the NVOWS team I know that I will be successful no matter the market. I can’t wait for the next few seminars and seeing what God has planned for my financial future. So if you have read this far let me tell you what you can expect from a NVOWS seminar…

Expect to never be the same or satisfied with mediocrity both financially speaking and spiritually. It is truly an experience and knowledge you won’t regret having.