You May Never Have to Save for Your Kids College Again


It starts with a piggy bank. He’s 6 months old and you start putting away extra change hoping that one day it’ll be enough money to put him through college.

Maybe you’ve put money away every month. It’s amazing how such a small amount of money can add up.

But have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way?


It does my heart good to hear about parents who put money towards their kids’ college.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children” Proverbs 13:22

After all, it’s the action of a good man.

What breaks my heart is hearing, like I did last weekend, of a couple who has nearly no retirement and is struggling financially but determined to pay for their son’s college experience. It breaks my heart because there’s another way.

We’re taught that the only way to have more money is to save more money.

But that’s not true.


What if before your son or daughter was 10 years old, you could put $1000 into a trading account?

What if you taught them how to trade with it?

What if they could double that every single year?

 By the time they are 18, they could not just have enough for all 4 years (over 100k), they could have a skillset for life.

That means they can go to college for what they WANT to do, not just what makes the most. 

That means they’d already have an advanced perspective of money.

That means no student loan payments.

That means you’ve given them an education AND the funds they need.


The basic premise isn’t “trade for your kids college”, it’s “think bigger”.

Find a way to create wealth and THEN use that to pay for college. The possibilities are endless.

Stop pinching pennies like you’re afraid of your future and start preparing like you’re already a conqueror of your future.

Once you’ve sent them off to school, you’ll find your fear of retirement is pretty minimal as well. After all, you’ve learned how to create wealth once; you can do it again.