Online Prayer Meeting for Praise & Thanksgiving!

Author: David Mitchell
Founder, CEO of TRADEway

Fasting and Praying with you may have been the most powerful group communion with brothers and sisters in Christ and our Lord I have ever been a part of.  The results speak for themselves.  

The only thing is, the Lord did not answer our prayers!

We prayed for mercy on America.  He did not give us mercy--He gave us BLESSING!!!!
Do you see the difference?  He blessed America because of your prayers and sincerity.  He showed more than mercy, He showed favor and gave us gifts beyond our dreams or prayers.  He gave us the White House, both houses of Congress, soon a new Supreme Court filled with judges who are against killing babies, a new justice department, and a new Fed chief.  We will have a new economy, new hope, new pride in our nation, a new V.P. who is born again (and the next President most likely), new military equipment, new generals, new trade laws and new REAL jobs for our workers, and a new growth rate higher than 2% (for goodness sakes) and a new interest rate higher than 1% (for goodness sakes), and on and on and on and on!
Please join us in three hours of praise and thanksgiving on Monday, November 14, at 12-noon, 2 pm and 6 pm. If you would like an invitation to join this meeting, please contact us at or by calling 877-907-TRADE.