TRADEway Family United in Spirit Day Before Election - by Jeannie Huber

It was the night before Election Day 2016. I broke from my studies to attend a group prayer with my husband via a webinar hosted by TRADEway. It was the third online prayer event of the day for the students and staff as we joined together in one accord to pray for our nation.

As with all webinars, this one began with the usual technical set up attempts to get everyone positioned, online and ready to interject their thoughts and prayers when possible. There were too many to fit in to the short time but I know God knows the hearts of his people and hears their prayers.

Our host, Ben Mitchell opened with prayer and brought the group together under Pastor David's leadership. As I sat listening to various others interject their thoughts and prayers from other states across the nation, people I've never met, I was taken aback by the unity of the Spirit of those who prayed. These are brothers and sisters all over our nation of different vocations, different races, different denominations and different cultures who participate in the webinars of TRADEway and now, for the love of our nation and brokenness of their hearts for all that has befallen America, they have come together in one Spirit to pray for this country. Only the Spirit of the living God can do that and he has done it through the hard work of his people and the vision of the Mitchell family and TRADEway.

No man is without his critics and David Mitchell is no exception. I am reminded of one who slanderously said he is "not a real pastor because he is not in his pulpit every Sunday." God's pulpit is not made of carefully crafted wood. God's pulpit is in the hearts and minds of his sheep. God's pulpit reaches all corners of the earth. I know Pastor David carries God's pulpit with him wherever he goes and God has given him the vision and the wherewithal to preach and pastor all over the world. Who are we to say what work God has for a man to do and how he should do it?

Many students all over our nation call David Mitchell pastor. His vision and passion has been to share the gospel of Christ and help families meet their needs and goals. He mentors and sends others under him to carry out this mission in like manner with truth and knowledge. 

No, he is not in "his" pulpit every Sunday but he is in God's pulpit somewhere and the little church he calls home, Park Meadows Church in Corsicana, Texas, loves and supports him and the vision and they work together to build the kingdom, one family at a time, grounded in truth and eager to serve.

I've had the privilege of being a part of this vision as a student, staff and church and family member, traveling the nation to meet many brothers and sisters in Christ. I've learned with them, laughed with them, prayed with them and cried with them. I've seen their needs, I've known their sorrows and I've shared their joy. Too often this cannot be said of God's people within the walls of a single building. 

As I write this, I do not yet know the outcome of this election. I do know that God has brought His people together. There likely are many more groups across the nation and world praying for America and just as I heard in the voices of these men and women from many states and Pastor David, we are broken for our nation, we weep for her and our children but we know we are one and we have the almighty and sovereign God on our side and He is the victor. No matter the outcome, our work is not done. We must roll up our sleeves, put on the whole armor of God and continue with the task before us until He calls us home.