Gold & Silver Prices React to Trump Win

Author: Benjamin Mitchell
Precious Metals Operations Manager

I am very hopeful and excited about the next four years, and I have a feeling that it's going to bring many amazing opportunities for all of us.  One of those opportunities may be precious metals investing, which could come by taking advantage of a season of peace and prosperity (if that's what the Lord has in store for us).  Here's why I think Trump's first term will be a great time for investors like us to get into gold and silver over the span of the next four years:

Even though we initially saw the price of gold SOAR after the election came to a close (which is pictured in the chart below), the metal has already started settling back down around the price point that it was at beforehand.  Because of the conservative economic policies that soon-to-be President Trump will implement, we should see a strengthened dollar, strengthened economy, and many other things which would gradually drive the prices of gold and silver down for the next four years.  There is a strategy that I will be teaching at our precious metals events, coming this January, which you can easily implement during a time such as this.  Just keep an eye out for dates in your area, so that you can sign up!

Again, the prices have already settled quite a bit, but don't be surprised if we see a few spikes in the prices for gold and silver over the next few weeks, as the reality of the election results set in.  With that being said, you may try to keep a close eye on the prices going into this coming weekend, because it could be a good entry point before these potential spikes occur.  I will keep you updated on what it looks like going into Friday, when you will be able to invest through TRADEway Precious Metals.

The chart below is what gold looks like today, after closing at 4 PM CST.  As you can see based on the massive wick that peaked close to $1,340 an ounce, the price soared early this morning while everything was pointing to a Trump win.  At this point it's sitting around the $1,275 price range.

Gold -- (Today) $1,272.25; (Last Week) $1,306.75

Silver -- (Today) $18.41; (Last Week) $18.71