4 Misconceptions the Wealthy Don't Want You to Know

Want to make your own schedule so you have more time for activities like this?

Want to make your own schedule so you have more time for activities like this?

Misconception 1: Pay off your debts with the greatest interest rates first. That way you are spending less on interest and putting more in your pocket!  

  • TRADEway Way: When you're scraping every penny to pay off debt, there's no room to grow your money. You're relying on trading hours for dollars. We believe in creating wealth FIRST before sending it to the debt collectors. That way you have plenty to pay off the debt but you're not stuck with nothing to live off of afterwards. If you doubled $2000, you can pay off $2000.

Misconception 2: I shouldn't want to make a lot of money, I should just have enough to get by. 

  • TRADEway Way: It's easy to think, "If we just have enough to get by, we'll never get greedy and never do compromising things because of money", but the fact is that having a lot of money and blessing simply amplifies what's already inside. It's like taking the lid off of a blender. It doesn't change what's inside, you just get to see it up close and personal. We believe God wants to give us blessings so we can then bless others. When giving to others isn't a strain on your finances, imagine how much more you'll be able to do! 

Misconception 3: Your financial future will be secure with someone else managing your money.

  • TRADEway Way: We believe that no one cares about your money as much as YOU do! Therefore, with a little education and some simple steps, you could be closer to your goals than you thought possible. 

Misconception 4: Start young. If you don't invest your money early, you will not have a large cushion of money by the time you are ready to retire.

  • TRADEway Way: Although it doesn't hurt to start at a young age, it's possible for anyone to trade! Even once you're retired, trading could be a simple way to get that money back that you lost in 2008. We don't know of many other ways to make this kind of money while just lifting a few fingers.