Updates from David on Politics & The Market

We arrived home to Texas Spring-like weather on Sunday, from advanced seminars this past week.  I missed most of the inauguration celebrations, though Charlotte saw all of it, and I'll watch Youtube this week.  

What a great week for our nation as God has wrenched control from socialists and given it into the hands of free-market pro-Americans from all races and genders. The "CNN" crowd's attempts to create division in this nation is appalling, and they have resorted to using former Soviet style propaganda, which I never thought I would see in this nation.  Shame on them.

The market's unprecedented rise after PRESIDENT Trump's win, proves it believes in free markets and capitalism.  The left attempts to take away our joy, which is impossible since it comes from a much Higher source than anything on this earth.  Many of them are corrupt, blinded, and as Christ said of the Pharasees, "They make their converts twice the children of hell that they are!"  Pray that their effect on our younger generations will diminish over time.

The market tone is slightly negative this morning, with the S & P 500 moving sideways close to the resistance line (not the greatest place to begin a new "up" play, perhaps).  European stocks are down, Eastern stocks are mixed after the first speech of President Trump, who promises to put "America First."  Other countries are not sure how this will affect them.  We can all know, however, that a strong America is like a rising tide lifting all nations with her!

Even though futures are down, I would watch the market until after amateur hour, because with the S & P 500 building a flat base, it can always explode up at any time, or even retrace down to support.  We just have to let the market "tell us" which it will do.  We really need this information before we plan our next moves.  It is earnings season, so Advanced strategies like News Moves may be effective right now. Once the market shows us its next move, we might continue Step 1 and 2 strategies.

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