Official Announcement: David Mitchell Believes We Are In New Bull Market

8.00 a.m CST March 1, 2017

Hello Friends,

On Monday night, February 20, on the Coaching Online Study Group, and again in a Market Alert the next day, I officially announced I believe we are in the FIRST YEAR OF THE NEXT NEW BULL MARKET. 

Some have asked me, "Why do you feel it is important to risk making this announcement?" The answer is simple. My family believes that the first year of a new bull market is like no other stage in the cycle of a bull. It is imperative to identify it, so as not to miss it!  William O'Neil says that the most money is made in the first year of a new bull market.[1]

It is time to lay aside fear, jump back into the swing of things with your Top Gun and Insider memberships, enjoy retakes, finally take that Step 2 if you have not done so, or that Precision Step Advanced event that you may need. 

Right now may be the greatest opportunity for changing your family's financial future! 

Also, I want to say "Thank You" for all of you who stuck with this through a very tough trading environment in recent years--now will be your reward!  You have what it takes as an entrepreneur--you are NOT a quitter.  I am VERY happy for you and for our TRADEway team, coaches and speakers who have encouraged you all along the way. You have made it to this stage!

I think many of you have heard me hint that I believed we were in a new bull since the Thanksgiving Season when I first mentioned it in a Market Alert.  During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I began to believe strongly this was the case, so I did an in-depth study to prove or disprove it.  The result was a study called "New Bull-5 Reasons." I showed a PowerPoint presentation of this Monday night (Feb 20) on the Coaching Online Study group, in Hawaii recently at the Plan Your Path event, and again at the most recent Step 4 in Dallas, and on a training webinar to many of my team members and coaches. I am making it available to you here today, in case you have not yet seen it.

If you look at the archives of the 'It's a Zoo' articles, and the Market Alerts, you will find that on March of 2009, I announced that we were in a new bull market, and in July, 2011, I announced we were about to have a bear market crash.  Wall Street never acknowledged this, but it fell over 21%.  All of these predictions were true, and actually, quite accurate.  Some have asked how I do this.  When you attend Step 4, we teach exactly how, and it's not rocket science.  There are some signs that one looks for that all of us can use to identify likely market tops and market bottoms. 

I believe this is a new bull because, first, my study showed that 44.44% of all bulls since 1916 have been preceded by a flat market for about 1 ½ years NOT A BULL MARKET CRASH!  We just had such a flat market. In the study I identify 27 cycles of bears to bulls, and 12 were NOT preceded by a bear crash at all (they are shaded on the spread sheet you will see). 

Second, the important signs of the beginning of a bear and the beginning of a new bull that we teach in Step 4 have been met, and this is shown in the study.

Third, one of the signs of a new bull are the existence of many potential new growth companies and industry groups, and technologies that did not exist in the previous bull. I have listed three groups of ten such companies. 

Fourth, all fifteen of the stocks we posted after the election in November went up all the way from support to resistance, and in most cases THREE TIMES!   We have a list of them, and in the Step 4 in Dallas recently, we paper traded all 15 together as a group and made $27,000 with an average of 10 contracts on plays.   

Fifth, over-priced stocks do not always prevent a bull market. In fact, these stocks are NOT overpriced in our opinion (and in Warren Buffet's opinion, Warren Buffett says U.S. stocks are not in bubble territory, MarketWatch, 2/27/17, 

We had a triple bottom with the chart set on weekly, at the end of 2016, which you will see in the study.  Everything lines up, and with President Trump's corporate and personal tax cuts, jobs brought back to America, build up in the military and infrastructure, the economy is about to explode. The market has already (since November) looked forward a year or two and "seen" this, and thus the huge bull move.

This new bull is real, and has legs, and I hope you will enjoy the study I am including here, but also be encouraged to manage the fear that the past three or four years of socialist-manipulated markets has created, and realize a free market works right!  You can thank President Trump, but more importantly, Jesus Christ, for bringing the rain to our crops finally!  Email a coach, or do a re-take, or sign up for Top Gun and Insiders and get your batteries recharged. Don't miss these next few months of trading!

For my complete study, "New Bull--5 Reasons", click here!

[1] How to Make Money in Stocks, William O'Neil, McGraw Hill Professional, April 12, 2009.

David Mitchell
Founder, C.E.O.