Wall Street With Toddlers & Up! TRADEway Education For The Whole Family!

Do you remember the feeling you had after leaving your first event with TRADEway? You likely walked away wishing you had learned such valuable information much earlier in life. Patterns and new stock market terms swirled in your head and you had a deep desire to learn even more. The TRADEway training you possess has the potential to help you make a profound impact on your future and the future of your family. Every parent has a yearning to equip their children with the tools necessary to be successful in life. What better time to share those tools with your children than now?

Children have a natural desire to learn and explore. Parents have the extraordinary job of nurturing that inquisitive nature. We only need to facilitate learning with gentle guidance. Your newfound knowledge of stock trading likely left you with a childlike excitement for recognizing patterns and learning new terms pertaining to the stock market. The quickest way to get your little one involved in any topic is to express your own passion for that subject. Begin your kids’ stock trading education in their toddler years simply by sharing your own interest. To help you get started, here are a few ideas:

·       Crafting: Who doesn’t love a good crafting session with a toddler? Crafting is an amazing way to expedite learning. Integrating art with learning helps to engage children and promotes long term retention. A simple activity such as gluing beads or string to patterns will help your child to begin recognizing those patterns and develop fine motor skills.  A 15 minute activity has the power to stimulate your child creatively, work on age appropriate physical goals, and give them a foundation for their future in trading stocks!

·       Being Active: In such a technologically driven society, it can sometimes be difficult to get kids up and active. Encourage physical activity and build your little ones’ TRADEway vocabulary by allowing them to create their own stretches and movements that represent key terms for trading. Check for understanding of those terms by asking why they chose the corresponding movement. You are likely to get strange looks from passersby at the park as you call out words such as “GROWTH STOCK”, “OPTION”, or “SQUIRREL MARKET”, while your children outstretch their arms, bend over, and jump around. Meanwhile, your youngsters are having fun developing a vocabulary that has the potential to lead them to a future of wealth.

·       Talking Business & Bible: The most fundamental aspect of being successful with money and business is to live by business principles from the Bible. Make time daily to read the Bible with your children, and stress the importance of serving God by being a good steward. Openly discuss your stock trading experiences and how biblical principles have an effect on the decisions you make. Your family dinner conversation will never be dull when discussing the stock market!  Lead by example so that when they have the ability to manage their own money, they know where to find guidance.

There are countless ways that you can incorporate the TRADEway education you have received into your child’s daily life; these are just a few! Imagine what your little ones’ future would be if in their childhood years they gained the same information you learned only a short time ago. It is never too soon to begin helping your child build their legacy!

How are you getting your little ones involved?