5 Fun Ways To Learn Stock Trading

Now that you’ve decided to venture into the world of Wall Street, you're probably wondering how to expedite the learning process so that you can begin creating wealth. There are many resources that can help you maximize your stock trading education, but it is crucial to make sure those resources are trusted. The key to learning anything new is to make your education fun and engaging. These five fun ways to learn stock trading will set you on a path of potential long-term success in the stock market.

Attend Live Events

One hands-on option for learning stock trading is to attend live events. Live events, such as those offered by TRADEway, allow you to gain necessary skills from an experienced trader. Whether you are just learning the basics or taking your education to the next level, live events offer the opportunity for you to gain information about particular strategies or the market in general, ask questions as you learn, and just have a blast hanging out with like-minded people. Learning from someone who has found success in the stock market over the years is extremely valuable.  

Read, Read, Read

Books, articles, news sites, blog posts...read whatever you can get your hands on that will provide insight and help you monitor the market. It can sometimes be difficult for new investors to know which sources to trust. Following the wrong source can be detrimental to a new trader. One amazing resource offered by TRADEway is the daily Market Alert emails. David Mitchell, stock market guru and founder and CEO of TRADEway, uses information from trusted sources coupled with his own vast knowledge to create easy-to-read emails containing valuable insight into market trends.  For those who worry about falling into the trap of misinformation or simply don't have time to follow a variety of sources, Market Alerts are a valuable resource. 

Find a Mentor

Wall Street can be confusing for a beginner. Find an individual with an in-depth knowledge of the stock market who can answer questions and serve as a trusted advisor. You don’t personally know someone who can guide you in learning about stock trading? Don’t worry, most people don’t! TRADEway Online Study Groups are a fantastic way to have your questions answered by someone who thoroughly understands stock trading—they take place every week!  Calling or emailing TRADEway’s coaches is also an incredible way to speed up the learning curve. 

Seek Concept Specific Instruction

Whether you are a beginner or have experience, you can easily feel overwhelmed with information when learning a new objective. Traders may have areas in which they need more targeted instruction. Seeking concept specific instruction can be beneficial. TRADEway offers a resource called Market Corner that bridges the gap between online learning and live instruction.  It is an online classroom where specific concepts are discussed and questions are thoroughly answered.  

Find A Community

What is a more fun and effective way to learn stock trading than to share tips and experience with peers? When searching for a community of fellow traders, many people turn to online forums.  Although this could be a good option, learners must be cautious when taking advice, because many participants may not be professional, profitable traders. TRADEway Community is a trusted forum that can provide a wealth of information for traders at any level. Participants not only connect with fellow traders, but they have access to coaches and speakers who have been successful with stock trading. 

There are many ways to develop and hone your stock trading skills—we hope to make it simple and fun. TRADEway not only offers a variety of educational opportunities, but resources which enable students to enjoy learning about the stock market. Are you ready to further your stock trading education?  Visit tradeway.com today to start learning & having fun doing it!