I've Cheated... Have you?


My youngest daughter, Anna, is a personal trainer. She owed John & I money as a car payment, so in lieu of dollars, she is training me (a/k/a trying to kill me & get her inheritance early and/or paying me back for every time she was grounded)! Throughout this process, I have slowly seen my body change and the scale go ever so slightly in the direction I wanted. In my prayer time about a month ago, I was frustrated and was asking the Lord for wisdom. . . And as He is so good at doing, He showed me that I was cheating!!!


I've been logging my food on an app diligently and reporting my food diary back to my drill instructor, er, daughter. Every night when I complete the diary, the prompt tells me that if every day were like that one, I should weigh "x" amount in 5 weeks! Well it's been almost 5 weeks now, and I'm not quite there yet. . . . But I was cheating! On occasion, I'll have something that I know she will make me do extra burpees for, so I don't log it!!! It's rare that I've done that-but I have! Why am I telling you this??? I have no idea. . . Actually I had something else I was going to share today; but the Lord prompted me to share this! Of course even after 23 years of knowing Him, I tried to argue and get what my flesh wanted. I told Him that it would make me look bad (you know-like admitting to you that I argued w/ Him). . . But He reminded me that if I'm cheating the system, and therein cheating myself, others are, too!!!

This is YOUR business-you can trade whatever stock you want whenever you want! You don't have to follow ANY of the "rules" we have given you. . . But if you "cheat" and don't follow them, you are only cheating and hurting yourself!! You might get away w/o any serious consequences (losses) for a while; but bad habits are hard to break, and you will reap what you have sown!! Just as it is taking me longer to reach my fitness goals, it will take you longer to reach your financial goals! If you are talking to a coach and/or getting your trades analyzed and are not honest about where you've broken rules, you are cheating yourself out of learning all you need to know in order to succeed on this journey. Even worse, if you don't allow yourself to reflect on your own areas of weakness-if you don't admit to yourself those areas that you need to change (greed, fear, etc), you are cheating yourself out of being a successful trader!!!!

I have purposed that I will no longer cheat. . . even if it causes me to have to do those dreaded burpees!!! Don't cheat yourself!!!! Keep learning, keep getting help from the coaches, keep being honest about your week areas and move forward leaving those behind. . . Keep becoming the successful trader you are on the road to becoming!!!


Author: Teresa Quinn