Tips For Creating Your Awesome Trading Space


One wonderful thing about stock trading is that it can be done anywhere. If you want to lean back on the sofa with your laptop and build wealth in your pajamas while sipping coffee, that’s your prerogative. You are your own boss. Many people still wish to create a trading space. Some find that having a designated trading space helps them to be more productive and disciplined. You can create an awesome trading space in three simple steps!

Step 1: Get Practical

If  you’re creating a space dedicated to trading, the first thing you will need to do is think practically. Pinterest may appear to be a magical land of inspiration, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Before you create that fabric covered bulletin board, move in the way-too-tiny vintage desk and paint your office walls chartreuse, remember that too much environmental stimulation can be a distraction. Instead, begin creating your space by incorporating things that you know you will need. This is different for everyone. Your only necessity is a computer, but every trader has a different preference regarding what tools will help them to be successful. A notebook and pen may be helpful for jotting down your entry point, predetermined sell point, and other important details. Perhaps you will want a calculator for quickly figuring out your potential ROI. A system for filing hard copies of notes taken at TRADEway events or online classes may be useful. Decide what tools you need for being successful and organize them purposefully. These practical necessities are imperative for successful trading.


Step 2: Get Comfortable

Now that you have established your trading space must-haves, it is time to consider what will make you comfortable. Regardless of how practical or attractive your workspace is, it’s useless if you aren’t comfortable. Make sure your desk is the appropriate size and your chair is supportive. Natural lighting is something that should be embraced in any work space. Celebrate the fact that you aren’t spending your days stuck in a dark corporate cubicle by placing your desk close to a window. That natural light will benefit your health as well as your mood. You can also bring the beautiful outside view inside by adding greenery to your office. This will be a refreshing touch. If you have the space, incorporate a comfortable chair and ottoman with a soft throw for “think breaks” or viewing online classes.

Step 3: Get Personal

Once you have the foundational elements of your trading space, you will be able to incorporate a personal touch. The key to personalization of any space is to be thoughtful. Ask yourself why you are incorporating each personal touch. Find things that will inspire and motivate you. Frame your favorite Bible verse, hang a photo of your family, include mementos of success or reminders of goals you wish to achieve. Make the space inviting by incorporating a scent that makes you happy. That is something you can’t do in many workplaces; but remember, you’re the boss!

When your trading space is practical, comfortable and personal, you will want to be there. As if being your own boss wasn’t exciting enough, having an awesome work space will add to your trading experience. What is your favorite trading space feature?