How God Uses TRADEway To Touch Lives!

Author: Jeannie Huber

I work the back tables at TRADEway Step One Start Your Journey events. My husband, David, and son, Dave, are the speakers. We enjoy sharing our family experiences and goals with our students, people on various walks in life. They all have their own stories and goals and learning how God has moved in their lives is uplifting and often very entertaining. Teaching them how to increase their income in a viable way they may have never thought possible is very rewarding.

Recently, a student asked me a question that I was very excited to answer. She asked if God ever uses our platform to touch lives for reasons other than financial. With a big smile, I anxiously began, “Oh yes! Let me tell you; I’ve seen God move at Tradeway events!” Jesus always met a physical need first then spiritual. He uses his church to do the same today. We always share the gospel with our students. TRADEway, a Christian owned and operated company, gives people a possible way to meet their financial needs based on biblical principles. Teaching Christians how God works in our finances through His word is just one way God uses our platform.

Over the years that I’ve been working with TRADEway, I’ve had long talks with hurting people who just need a listening ear. I’ve had many opportunities to pray with brothers and sisters from coast to coast. I have seen God bring total strangers together at our events to meet each other’s needs. Just helping people reignite a fire in their lives to reach for new goals or regain hope for former goals can restore their joy. Many of those goals are to meet the needs of others, whether they are at home, in their church and community, or abroad.

Pastor David Mitchell, our founder and CEO is called pastor by people all over the nation who listen to his broadcast as he shares God’s word. Many of them make their way to our little church, Park Meadows Church in Corsicana, Texas and we are blessed to have them.

God does use our platform in many ways to reach many people with His word. It is our privilege to be used of God and be equally blessed by so many people across the states.