Bringing Scripture To Life For Our Children

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“. . . As you're going, whether you're having fun with them at the lake, or whether, you're raking leaves around the house, or whatever you're doing, notice the things I've done. God says to me, "Notice the things that I've done, and point that out to your children" and that's the best way to teach them.”

By sharing how his family went from poor junk dealers to titans of business, Pastor David Mitchell has helped thousands of families across America learn how to take control of their finances. He has inspired individuals to pursue their own American Dream, and chase their biggest goals, by taking small steps.


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Ben:                                            Last time, on The Word on Investing, we discussed how to teach our children about the concepts of wealth, and how as parents, our job is to show them as we walk along the way, the many scriptural principles God shares with us from his word. The world system teaches principles in conflict with the word, which is big part of why we here at TRADEway, sponsor The Word on Investing, and help teach Christians across the country how the markets work, and how financial principles are throughout the bible. So if you're able to, please open your bible, and turn to Psalm 119 as we continue our discussion with Pastor David Mitchell about generational wealth, and how God uses the word to prepare a person, and prepare families to appropriately handle wealth.

Ben:                                            There's no better person to talk about this than Pastor David Mitchell, because he didn't start this way, he was a businessman who was called into the pastorship, who is someone who was not having to take a salary from the church because of the things that the lord was doing with him and his family, as he applied these concepts. So Pastor, thanks for sharing with us today. I'm looking forward to learning from you yet again.

Pastor David Mitchell:                You bet, Ben. Always great to be with you, and it's an honor to have you here co-hosting with me. I always enjoy our talks, and you guys that are listening, just feel like you are part of our talk here because that's what this is all about.

Pastor David M.:                I like the way you went back over our talk last show because there's so much false philosophy out there in the world. I mean it's in the movies, it's in the music, it's in society. And things that people think are true because they've heard other people say these things, maybe even heard politicians say it, maybe even heard their professor at college or their teacher at school teach these things, it doesn't make them true, because if they conflict the scripture, as you said a minute ago, Ben, they're not true, and they don't work, and they're not real principles that came from God's hand.

Pastor David M.:                This idea that wealthy people have always been wealthy, and they're born with a silver spoon in their mouth, that is false. The bible teaches, as we discussed last time in 1 Samuel 2, early verses, and also in Psalm 107:40 and following, and also in 1 Chronicle 29:12-14, that God himself takes those who are poor, out of the dust, and raises them up and places them among princes. Every wealthy family started out as a family in poverty, scripture teaches that clearly, and God is the one who raises them up. He gets the glory for that, there's no such thing as a self-made man. The world talks about it, but that doesn't work that way, God is behind who is poor and who is rich.

Pastor David M.:                The bible says so clearly in 1 Samuel 2:7, "The LORD maketh poor and maketh rich" and we think we're in control of all that, but the reason I bring this up is the world system wants you to think you're a number, that you're just part of a group, and yet God teaches that he treats all of us as individuals. Entrepreneurship starts with the individual, and yet if you go to school nowadays, they want you to do these group projects, everything's about the group, everything's about everybody doing things together, and that's not how God raises up leadership and gets things done, in a great magnificent way, so it's contrary to scripture, and yet it's the way the world thinks it should be done.

Pastor David M.:                It moves more and more towards communism, and the bible does not teach communism as good, it teaches that it is bad, and it teaches that capitalism is good. It doesn't use the word communism, or the word capitalism, but the concepts are clearly spoken of in scripture, and a lot of people don't know that. A lot of business professors, don't know it, and a lot of pastors don't know it, so we try to put all that together. I've got an MBA degree, but I'm also a called preacher, and study the word all the time in preparing for ministry at our church. I'm senior pastor there at Park Meadows Church, and God has allowed me to see business principles all the time when I'm reading the scripture, and they just pop out, and so that's what we like to talk about, because listen, they're authoritative, so where we can find a principle, it flat works.

Pastor David M.:                Now I want to go into Psalm 119, Ben, starting with about verse nine. This passage that we're moving into now, now that we realize the bible has taught us that any of us can be a millionaire, it's not like you're born that way, you have to make the decision to change your family's future as far as your financial future. One man makes that decision, or one woman makes that decision. I remember with our family, it was my great-grandfather, we called him Captain Brown, CL Brown, but everybody knows his name in our family. Tor five and six generations out, we know his name, because he took us from poverty into a better place financially. You can be the that person in your family's life, and your family will remember your name for four, and five, and six generations if you become that person, but the world wants you to think you're not that person, and you look at a millionaire and you say, "Well, that's not me, I can never be that way" because the world system has taught you, you can't be that way, and yet God says if you will follow certain steps, he wants you to be that way.

Pastor David M.:                Now I've got to be quick to say this, Ben, God doesn't teach he want you to all be wealthy, and it's unconditional, he's just going to poof, and make us wealthy. It's a conditional promise, you know, we've got to keep the conditions that are listed in scripture, and there's four, five, six, or seven of those, and we talk about them on this show all the time, but one of the best ones is skillsets. The bible calls it knowledge, and understanding, and wisdom, but today we would call that skillsets, and one thing TRADEway does, and we try to get better and better at it, is we teach skillsets on how to run a family trading business in the stock market. How you can teach your kids and grandkids the skillsets to trade, and Ben, you've come up through that system. I remember when you were a student sitting there in step one, and now you're one of our best speakers and teachers around the country. You can create strategies for the students to learn, and so forth, so great to have you with us here.

Ben:                                            Well, I can tell you, I have had such a good time learning these concepts, and what I find amazing is that it really is practical, biblical wisdom, shown in such a way is that it becomes applicable to what we do on the stock market. It's been such a great thing for me and my family to be involved with, so I'm grateful to be a part of TRADEway, and I'm blessed to be a part of helping to see students across the country see these same concepts.

Ben:                                            I will tell you, it's a pretty moving thing, Pastor, when I'm at a step one, and I asked people, "Can you be the CL Brown of your family?" And to see the impact that that has, for people to catch a vision for their ability to influence the next generation, it's just a powerful moment.

Pastor David M.:                And you know, the impact of this show, if nothing else, is that we want you to know that God wants you to move in that direction, whereas the world says, you can't, you're average, you're a number, you've got to do stuff with the group, you know, listen, you can be outstanding, and that's what God wants for his children. He wants us to be outstanding. He doesn't want us to be a lamp under a bushel.

Ben:                                            And it's an opportunity for us to ... I remember a recent politician who said, "I think it's my right to be able to create a system in which you can have a good job, and that good job lets you afford a house, and every once in a while go on a good vacation." And I was in shock because I'd been to a TRADEway seminar, and I went, "Wow, that is just ... that's the world system. They don't want you to strive for excellence, they want you to have just enough and kind of be a slave to your job, just enough to have a good vacation every once in a while. God calls you to bigger.

Pastor David M.:                You know, I remember that speech, Ben, and I know who you're talking about. I won't tell you who it was, but his initials are President Obama. How about that? But anyway, here's the thing about it, he actually said in the speech, because he caught himself saying it. It almost sounded like, "Yeah, go have a nice vacation." And he corrected, and he said, "Well, not too extravagant, a little vacation from time to time" and he smiled, because all of a sudden he had to be very careful not to break his own philosophy, that we're never supposed to have anything excellent, you know, isn't that ... and you noticed it too. We never talked about this before. I didn't know you heard that same speech, but it's sad because it brainwashes all the young people in the country to think like a communist, you know, that's how they think, and it's totally not God's way. Totally not God's way.

Pastor David M.:                Well, let's get into this passage, new passage for today in Psalm 119. I'm going to start with about verse nine. It says, "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to the word of God." Now this entire passage is not going to sound like a financial passage at first glance, but when you really think about it, it's setting the groundwork in the hearts of the young people in our families, the young men and women in our families, starting from childhood up through teenage years. It's setting all the groundwork that God says a person needs to have in order for him to bless them with wealth. Now, think about this, the world system gets wealth through another agent, not God, they get it through Satan.

Pastor David M.:                Now, I understand God is sovereign over everything, but he certainly delegates some things to Satan, we know that, and for the evil of the world to become wealthy, sometimes God puts that in Satan's hand. Satan has his own way to create wealth among his people, and use them up until he's done with them, and then he kills them, of course, and then they're done. That's not how God does it. He has a whole different mechanism for wealth creation among his people, and I call his people the same thing he did, the sheep. The sheep don't operate under the same arena as the goats, they can get power from Satan to create wealth, I understand that, we can't, we don't want to, we would never want that, so we want to know how does God do this his way with his children? And so this whole passage shows how to set that groundwork in the life and heart of your children so that they're the person that God wants to help make wealthy. And I shouldn't say, help, God doesn't have to help, he does it, he causes it, he is sovereign.


Pastor David M.:                So let's look at this, first it starts off talking about the young man, now this applies to young women too, young boys, young girls, how shall he cleanse his way? The first thing is God wants us to not be worldly in the sense of just having it leading a sinful, fleshly life of carnality. He wants us to be disciplined. He wants us to be clean. He wants us to walk with the Lord, and desire to have that walk with him, more than to be worldly, and of the world. So how can we cleanse our way? Well, here's how, by taking heed thereto according to his word. So the first concept God puts there, for a family that can create generational wealth, is to be in the word of God. All of the secrets of wealth creation are in the word, so if you're not in the word, you won't see them, and you won't live a clean life.

Pastor David M.:                I mean, it's hard enough because we live in these old sin-natured bodies, and yet once we're born again, we're a new man, or new woman, and we have to stay in control of that body in order to do anything good for the Lord. We have to let the Holy Spirit, merge with our spirit, that's called being spirit-filled, and walk with the Lord. I picture it this way, just reach up, take Jesus' hand, walk with him throughout the day, and when we're in that mode, we will be clean. We'll be clean, and we will walk with him and accomplish great things. But ifs you don't have the word of God, it's impossible, because God uses his word to sanctify us, and that's the first principle there in verse nine, and Ben, I'm beginning to wonder, are we going to have a show for every verse?

Ben:                                            Well, I think it's interesting that you've pulled together the concept of sanctification, and the moment-by-moment choices that we make as spirit-filled Christians. I found that within my trading, it's sometimes easy for me to say, "You know what, God? I got this." And I only really pray when I'm having problems with a trade, or when there's a problem with my life. I became pretty clearly aware of this, that God wants to be involved in everything. Before clicking the trade button, praying and asking God to see, "Is this something that he were to have me to do? Am I doing the right things with me and my family?" It's been amazing to see how as part of applying these, I've moved from someone who thinks about God in crisis, to someone who thinks about God as just, you know, one of my friends that I talk with on a daily basis. It's been a pretty amazing transition.

Pastor David M.:                Yeah, and that's the key. There's not secular and sacred. It's just our life, our walk is with the Lord, and in the Lord.

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Ben:                                            Well, David, it looks like it's about time for us to take a break. Stick around and we'll be right back.

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Ben:                                            Welcome back to The Word on Investing with Pastor David Mitchell, sponsored by TRADEway. We've been in s 119. We're talking all about generational wealth and how God's principles help us as parents apply this to not only our own lives, but our children.

Ben:                                            Pastor, where are we picking up again? Psalm 119:2, I think?

Pastor David M.:                Well, actually verse nine. I didn't start with verse one. We could've, but for a second time we started with verse nine.

Pastor David M.:                So let's take a look there, remember now, this doesn't sound like a generational wealth creation passage, but it is, because these are all the seeds that God plants in the life of a family to be taught, especially to the young men, and young women, the teenagers, so that they have the right mindset for God to use as a great steward. We have to remember, when we talk about wealth, it's always God's money, it's not ours. And our children are not ours either, there God's. We're stewards over his people, and we get that great privilege. And so remember the first thing we talked about before the break, how shall a young man, or woman cleanse their way? by taking heed thereunto according to the word of God. So we have to put the word of God as number one important concept is, we have to be in the word of God.

Pastor David M.:                Now in our family, we were taught by the group we started out with as young people. Charlotte and I, "We should have a formal family devotion time." I think that's a great idea, it's just that for us it didn't work. The kids were bored. I was bored. Charlotte was ... Charlotte was never bored with the scripture, but it just didn't feel right, it didn't work, and besides that, since I was not only their dad, but their pastor, they heard me teach everything all the time, and probably their mom was their Sunday school teacher, so it just didn't seem right, but I remembered a passage in Psalm, that said, "and teach them as you go by the way" and the Holy Spirit took that, and put that in my mind and said, "David, that is the key to your children."


Pastor David M.:                It's just, as you're going, whether you're having fun with them at the lake, or whether, you're raking leaves around the house, or whatever you're doing, notice the things I've done. God says to me, "Notice the things that I've done, and point that out to your children" and that's the best way to teach them. I think it really seems to have worked with our five children. They're all grown now, and they're wonderful. They love each other, they respect and honor us, they work with us in our family business, and now it's a fifth generation, now we're going into the sixth generation. I started teaching the grandkids and so forth. So the word of God has to be central, but don't make it so formal that it's not full of life. It has to be full of life as we share it with our kids, because it is full of life.

Pastor David M.:                Now, the next verse says, "With my whole heart have I sort thee. Well let me not wonder from thy commandments." So this person, in this family, the young people in the family, have to be taught this concept that we have to take the word of God, and be in it, and study it, and meditate on it, and begin to understand it in proper context, and use the 10 rules of bible interpretation and not cheat on those rules. We really want to know what God is saying. We're not trying to make the bible say something that's so important, but then the next step is that we want to have a heart that is seeking God while we're studying that bible. It can't just be academic, Ben. So, I know you've discovered these things in your family, it has to be the brain and the heart, right?

Ben:                                            And part of what ... it's the Roman's passage where we're not to be conformed to the world. If you think through all the brain inputs that we get from the world, are conforming us. We need to have those same inputs coming from God and God's word, and us as parents, we're a big part of helping our kids to see it. It's been powerful to have scriptural conversations with my kids about real life situations. How does the word apply to this? That's where it goes from knowledge to wisdom. It's been a powerful opportunity with my own kids.

Pastor David M.:                Yes, it is. You know, you said something that made me think of this, the world informs us, but the word of God transforms us, and changes our mind. It sure does. And again, our young people to see it doing that, and to experience that, even while they're still at the home is so key.

Pastor David M.:                Verse 11 says, "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not send against thee." So notice that verse nine, where we started, talked about a young man, or young woman cleansing their way by taking heed to the word, and now we're hiding the word in our hearts. The concepts, even scripture memorization, but that's not as important as understanding what the bible's actually saying, you know, to memorize is great, but we need to understand, "Okay, well, what is this saying to me?" And apply that into the heart, and it will cause us to sin less. Well, sinning less is important, because when we're in God's kingdom, if we desire to start creating wealth in our family and to have that a generational creation of wealth so we can influence the world for good, then we can't walk like the world walks. We have to strive against sin. And we know that the flesh is strong, but he that's in us is greater than he that's in the world, so we have to learn to have more moments of every day where we're walking spirit-filled.

Pastor David M.:                We know from 1 John, that when we are spirit-filled, the new man cannot and will not sin. So if we can learn from scripture, how to walk that walk, where we're holding Jesus' hand throughout the day or following him everywhere we go, doing things together with him, we will sin less, because we will be in the flesh less, and that's when we sin, of course, when we get in the flesh, so these are great principles for how to start to live that godly life of desiring God's heart. Now, that doesn't mean we never make mistakes, and we never sin. Look at King David, for the best example, he had some major sins in his life, but he always had a heart that would come back to God, square up with him and say, "Okay, I agree with you that this was sinful, that was terrible, my heart is hurting that I did it. Please forgive me and let me start over and walk with you." And that's the kind of heart God's looking for, in fact, God called David the apple of his eye because of that heart.

Ben:                                            You know, Pastor, I teach a Sunday school class to high schoolers, and I asked God one time, "Would you give me a graphic way to be able to convey this concept, this ... How do I deal with my sin?" And we were talking about white garments in Revelation, and he says, "What other white garments do you know about?" And I instantly thought about when my children were young, and we had to deal with diapers. So then for me, it was pretty clear. When I sin, it's like I just did something in my diapers, and I need to go get cleaned up. Who do I go to to get cleaned up? Well, I go to my parents? Who do I go to scripturally for me to be able to deal with my sin and to get cleaned up? I got to go to my dad. I got to go to God. And as I had that analogy of, "I'm going to do things in my diapers until I learn otherwise." When I do, I need to quickly go to my dad and get cleaned up.

Pastor David M.:                Yeah, and eventually he's going to potty train you, Ben.

Pastor David M.:                That's true. I mean we go through these stages of growth, and the bible teaches in many places that the word of God itself is a huge part of the way God sanctifies us, or begins to make us more and more like his son. It mentions the word in this passage so many times, in fact, Psalm 119 is full of information about the bible itself, talking about itself, in what the bible will do for you and for me.

Pastor David M.:                And so let me continue a little ways here, "By word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against thee." Verse 12 says, "Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy statutes." So now we see we're supposed to praise God, "Blessed art thou Lord." That's praising God, and thank him, and ask him to continually teach us, let us be teachable all the days of our lives.

Pastor David M.:                And verse 13 says, "With my lips have I declared all the judgments of your mouth." In other words, now I'm learning the scripture. Now I'm going to teach it to others. I'm going to declare these wonderful truths to other people.

Pastor David M.:                And verse 14 brings it into the financial world is what we're talking about here, with this show, "I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches." Now, here's a man writing, David is the human penman, who is wealthy, one of the wealthiest men that every lived. His son was the wealthiest man, Soloman, but David was wealthy, but one of that keys to that wealth was that he rejoiced in God's way, and in God's testimonies, that's God's word, as much as he did in riches. The Hebrew word there for, as much as, is the word all, which means, both and, so it's not saying that he rejoiced in the word of God to the exclusion of learning skillsets for wealth creation, because he did both. He said, "I rejoiced in this as much as I did that." So, that's the key, is don't just focus on riches, focus on wisdom. Like you said, Ben, it comes from the word of God, and as we study the word and get that in our hearts, in our minds, the riches will come as a by-product.

Ben:                                            Thank you, Pastor David. It's great to see the groundwork from Psalm 119, where God teaches us that it's not unscriptural as Christians to seek generational wealth for our families, as we engage with him.

Ben:                                            So join us next time, as we continue in Psalm 119, learning from Pastor David Mitchell, the concepts that God has for us in his word, regarding business, entrepreneurship, and setting aside for our families.

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Ben:                                            Well, that's all the time we have for today. Thanks, Pastor David, for a great teaching, and thank you all for joining us, and I look forward to the next time.

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