Be Yourself

Have you ever felt that, as a Christian, if you want to make an impact, you have to be a pastor?

Maybe you've thought that you have to be, or should want to be, in the ministry, but you don't necessarily know if that's who you are. You want to see God do amazing works, but your interests lie in business or fashion. Or maybe you really want to get into Wall Street; you're interested in finance and economics. Or all you’ve ever really wanted to do is to be a stay-at-home mom. . .

I just want to encourage you that wherever you are or whatever you are, you can be true to yourself and God can move in you and through you to make an impact! In this country, we need people in every area of society that are connected to God, that love Jesus, that speak his truth, that carry his presence, so they can release love, redemption, revival, and the kingdom of God wherever they are! We need that in the home, on Wall Street, and in Hollywood. We need that in the workplace, the marketplace, in the church and in the pulpit. We need it everywhere!

We absolutely honor all of those who serve us in full- time ministry. And if that is what's on your heart, then go for that. But don't let the enemy convince you that it is the only way God can use you to make an impact. 

Whatever your passion is, know that there is freedom for you to be you. God made you the way you are, so pursue your passion, love God, and spread his word everywhere you go, no matter where it is.