How to Reach Your Biggest Goals

So how do you reach your biggest goals?

We all want more, and if you want more, the first thing you have to do is raise the bar. But what's the bar for you?

Most people never define their goals. They have absolutely no idea what it is that they really want, or what is really important. At least, they've never articulated it in a way that empowers it in their lives. What you have to do is determine your biggest goal so you can actually begin the process of shooting for it.

First, write down your goals. Just a few years ago, Harvard did a survey with their graduating business class. They asked, “Who has never defined their goals?” 83 percent of the class had not. “Who has defined them, but not written them down?” 13 percent of the class had not. “Who has written them down consistently?” The remainder of the class had. Those who had not written them down, but knew what they were, made on average twice as much income in 10 years as the other 83 percent of the class who never defined their goals! The remaining percentage of the class was found on average to make 10 times more than the rest of the class combined because they wrote their goals down!

It's powerful to just define and write them down. You want to attack your biggest goals! So start with something simple. Know what they are, and write them down.