Trading With Less Than 10K

Trading with less than $10,000...if this is a concern for you, you're actually starting out asking the wrong question or going about it the wrong way. Many people start with less than $10,000. What I want you to focus on, rather than how much money you have in your account, is whether or not you're doing things the right way, and your account is growing.  It's good to plan to do a certain amount of trades and have certain expectations of what you're going to receive with those trades. If you have established good trading habits, as you add more money to your account you'll be able to make similar returns, but you will be trading with larger amounts of money. Therefore, the profits increase simply because the number of shares is increased.

For instance, if you're trading with 100 shares, you can make $100. Let's assume that you did the same exact trade, but with 1,000 shares. Well, assuming you did everything exactly the same as you did to make $100 with 100 shares, you would have made $1,000 with 1,000 shares,

Now, let's take that out another step to 10,000 shares. If you did the same exact things you did to make $100 but now you have 10,000 shares. There's no reason you couldn't make $10,000. So, really the key is to take your account from wherever it is now and to grow that over time. The best way to grow your account over time is to learn with a small amount of money how to do things the right way. If you could consistently make money doing things the right way with a small amount of money. You should you be setting yourself up to do things the same way with larger amounts of money.

So, I really want you guys to not focus on whether your account has a little or a lot, but really focus on whether or not you're learning how to do things the right way. And to see if you can consistently do that over time. If you can, you're on the way to progressing.