Wealth and Believers

It's interesting to me that as we look at the word of God and what it has to say about money and what it has to say about believers, a lot of Christians believe that poverty is piety and wealth is wickedness. The Bible doesn't speak like that at all. In fact, the substance in the Bible that represents wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money, the substance around the world that's universally recognized is the substance of gold.


When we study the Bible, if we're going to come to a proper interpretation of biblical principles, we must use some accurate biblical interpretation of laws. One method is the law of definitions. We have to look up the definition of each word in the passage if we're going to understand the passage.  Another is the law of context. If I come to an understanding of a passage, I must understand it in the context that it's written in as well as the context of the entire Bible. Then, the last one that I want to talk about is the law of first mention. However something is mentioned, the first time God mentions it - that's His original design for the subject.

What's really interesting is that in Genesis, in the first book of The Bible, the word gold is mentioned eight times. That doesn't sound like that big of a deal until you look at the fact that eight is the number of new beginnings and it's also the number of abundance. In fact, if you take an eight and you turn it on its side, that is the symbol for infinity. Ah-ha! But not only that, in Genesis Chapter One, God used the adjective good to describe everything that He created and God saw that it was good seven times. The eight time, God used the word good was in Genesis Chapter Two when He was talking about gold. He said there's gold in that land and the gold of that land is good. I did a study one time. I wondered how many times is gold mentioned in the book of Genesis. I was thinking it had to be there at least 100 times. I looked it up. It's in there eight times. But here's what's really amazing...every time gold is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, without exception, it is always mentioned either as providence for God's people, a possession by God's people, or a provision for God's people, which tells us that the reason God created gold, wealth, abundance is for His people.

 That's not an accident. In fact, the thing that really makes me wonder is when I see that there's gold in the Garden of Eden and the gold of that land is good. It makes me ask why He put gold in the Garden of Eden? There are two people. They're married to each other. There's nothing for sale and nothing to buy and yet, God put gold there and made sure He told us it was there. Why? Because He wanted us to know that opulence in abundance is the natural environment for His people. The book of Genesis, as it talks about gold, as it talks about wealth, as it talks about abundance, only talks about it one time in conjunction with somebody who is not a child of God, and that was Pharaoh. In that instance, it was provision for God's people.

 It says that Pharaoh took the ring off his finger and put it on Joseph's finger and he put a gold chain around Joseph's neck. Wealth is what God designed for his people. If you don't believe that, go read Ecclesiastes Chapter Two verse 26 where it says that God giveth to the sinner travail to gather up and to heap up. Why? That he may give to him that is good before God. The Bible is clear, abundance, wealth, and prosperity is something that God put on this Earth for his children.