What Type of Investor are You?

So you want to learn about what type of investor you are and you're watching a Youtube video of a guy you've never seen to help tell you what type of investor you are. Well it's not gonna happen. Keep that in mind.

f you've ever invested your money or gone to some financial institution, you probably spent 5 minutes filling out a form with questions like:

“How much money do you have?”

“In what time frame do you want to use the profits that you hope to get?” and

“What’s your risk tolerance?” They probably gaged risk tolerance from 1 to 10 and came up with a score and said,

"Hey, you're *this type* of investor!"

Do you really think 5 minutes in front of a piece of paper taught you that? No, it didn't. In fact, that's all a bunch of regulatory stuff that lawyers put together, so that that institution can say, "Well that's what they told us to do."

I have a better plan. Why don't you come learn about how the stock market works? Why don't you come learn about yourself because during this TRADEway journey, you get a mirror put in front of you. You learn about your fears, you learn about your greed, and you learn what type of investor you are. Do you need cash now, or do you need to build up some savings for a greater purpose later? All this gets answered in our 4 step journey.

So what type of investor are you? Nobody can tell you that, only you can learn it about yourself.