Trade like a pro...

What does it mean to be a pro? It means that you have an edge; a combination of knowledge and skill sets that put you ahead of people that do not have the knowledge and skill sets that you possess.

When it comes to trading like professionals, we have to realize that there are a lot of professionals that trade in different ways. Each of these guys had to hone in on what they were going to do best. You might really enjoy basketball, but if you can't jump more than three inches, so that may not be the best sport for you. So, you might look around and say, “okay, what's a sport that I might be really good at doing that doesn't require jumping?” It’s the same with trading. Professionals hone in on what they’re good at.

Another thing you're going to find is that professionals use things like lines and moving averages, and that helps them to determine, along the market tone, when they should enter a trade and when they should get out of that trade. At TRADEway, we teach you how to use charting software to catch stocks at certain places in their pattern.

If you can learn to do what professionals do, which is lose little, win big, get in at the right time, get out at the right time, then you'll find yourself trading more like a professional too.