Faithful With Little, Faithful With Much

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”  These are the words that every believer wants to hear from the Lord. We want to be faithful, we want to be faithful in our time, we want to be faithful in our finances, whatever it is that we're seeking to bring increase to, we want to be faithful because God said that if we're faithful with little, we'll be faithful with much. He can trust us with the increase when we've shown that we can steward what we have.

But here's one of the thing I see people doing, I will do X, Y, Z when I have more. I will do more with my money.  I'll start tithing when I have extra. I'll start tithing when I have more. I'll be more generous when I can add a zero to the amount of money I'm making or my bank account balance.

But, we need to be faithful with what we have now. Wherever it tests you is where you need to start being faithful. We need to know that we trust God to come through and be who He says that He is to us, and that is a huge part of stewardship because trust means that we trust Him to be and do who He says He is and what He says He'll do.

So if we can't be faithful with where we are now, we can't go to where He wants us to be tomorrow. Start with where you are today, be faithful with whatever little you have, whatever you can do, and that will prepare you for what he has for you tomorrow.