Stock Trading for Christians

I worked in churches for a couple of decades as a youth minister and associate pastor. One of the things I realized is that Christians have this kind of a fear of making money.  I think that part of it is that we've been taught falsely through a lot of churches that somehow Christians aren't supposed to make money.

I think the other thing is that, growing up, people just aren't used to the idea of making money outside of having a job.  So, I was very surprised the first time I went to one of TRADEway's seminars. I thought it would be a similar seminar to others that I had attended, whose messages were basically get out of debt, and build up your savings account. These are great things to do. It's never really a great idea to build up more debt than you can pay off. But, one of the things I heard at the TRADEway seminar was something very different than I had ever heard...the possibility of actually taking on debt for the purpose of creating wealth.

At this seminar, the thing that really surprised me was the concept of instead of just trying to pay off debt and then not really having a way to make more money, I could potentially make money with what I was being taught. Most people think the only way to make money is with a job. I started to realize that stock trading is technically a job, but it's really more like a hobby, or at least in some ways it feels like that initially.

I remember walking out of that seminar thinking, "Wow, this is so different than what I normally hear as a believer in churches with regards to money."  I want to encourage you guys, if you feel like, "Hey, I've never really thought about stock trading, and I don't know anything about it - neither did I. Most of our students never even heard about stock trading until they heard one of our opportunities on the radio or on social media.

I want you guys to consider checking this out, because I think you're going to be surprised at not only what you hear, but maybe your ability to take what you have heard and then use that information to perhaps benefit your family and to make added income. Maybe it's just paying off one bill a month. Maybe it's paying off multiple bills. Maybe it's saving up for some big trip that you want to take. Maybe your goal is retirement. Maybe you want to retire early and become a full time trader. Whatever your goals are, we want to see if we can create some excitement and you can get back to dreaming again. Maybe you're just tired of going to work every day, waiting for that paycheck and waiting for some big opportunity to eventually happen. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to be proactive to use trading in a different way to actually make money.