Trading on the Go

One of the questions I get a lot here at TRADEway is, “How can I be a trader if I'm always on the go?”

You might be a stay at home mom, a truck driver, in the military, or in an office job. Whatever the case might be, you may have this image of a stock trader being somebody who sits at a desk all day with four giant monitors and day trades, right? But one of the things we want to show you is that any lifestyle can fit with being a trader because of one very simple thing... the smartphone.

Stock traders are able to do pretty much everything that they need to do from a smartphone. Then, at the beginning or the end of the day, you can connect to your laptop and do some of the other things. But with a smartphone, you can set automatic orders. You can look at stock charts and set buy and sell points, all of these are things that we want to teach you how to do effectively. Every major broker right now will have an app on either the Apple or the Android app stores where you can access your account information just as easy as anything else that you do on your smartphone. You can set alarms that let you know what the stock is doing, when it's doing it. You maybe have completely forgot about the stock and off goes an alarm and it gives you the attention that you need to say, "Hey, this stock is ready to be sold or this stock is ready to buy," whatever the case might be.

Technology has made trading very accessible, and as inexpensive as it's ever been and you can do it in almost any lifestyle!

Blair Nightingale

Office Manager; Coach