This is why we are Christian Conservatives

People have asked me before why I'm a Christian Conservative. I want to break the answer down into  two parts. I am a Conservative Christian, and i am also a Christian Conservative.

I am a Conservative Christian because I believe that God inspired the entire Bible. The Bible is God-breathed, as it says in the Greek. The Bible is written by God. He is the author. Men were just the penmen. I believe every jot and every tittle, every cross of the T, every dot of the I in the Bible is exactly where it's supposed to be because God inspired it. Also, He said He would preserve it to the last generation. We have God's word. That's why I am a Conservative Christian.

I'm a Christian Conservative because I believe, from a political standpoint, that Conservatives normally hold the best position from an economic viewpoint, which coincides with Biblical teachings. An economic viewpoint from the Bible is all about capitalism. Even though that word is not used in the Bible, the concept is evident. Many places in the Bible talk about buying at wholesale, marking it up, selling it for a profit at retail. It talks about merchants. It talks about trading. It talks about many kinds of business that fit the capitalist mold. The Conservative position politically fits that best because it believes in free markets, and it takes free markets to create an economy like the Bible speaks of. From a moral standpoint, one of the main reasons I'm a Conservative is because I value human life. I believe abortion is murder. The Bible teaches that so very clearly. It speaks of the fact that John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit while he was in his mother's womb. It's impossible for a group of cells to be filled with the Holy Spirit. An unborn baby is a person. John the Baptist was a person when he was in his mother's womb. The Conservative position politically, mostly among the Republicans, usually backs candidates who are against using our tax money to kill unborn babies.

Because I am a Conservative Christian who believes every part of God’s word, I base my political views on Biblical values. Therefore, I am a Christian Conservative.