What you can learn from wealthy Christian families...

What can we learn from wealthy Christians?

Wealth does not mean you're unspiritual.

Some preachers preach that all of our blessings should be in heaven, not here on the earth. Read the book of Galatians, and you'll see that God intends to bless us through prosperity. The Abrahamic Covenant included both spiritual and physical blessings from God. God never changed that, so you don't have to be poor to be spiritual.

Wealth should be shared with others.
If you make more than enough for your family, that extra is what we consider to be wealth. When you have extra, you have the ability to start helping other people beyond your family. Everything you have belongs to God anyway. If you think of it that way, that money is a tool that we use to be a good steward for the Lord. The Lord can use you to distribute that extra money exactly where He wants it.

Wealth leads to Christian influence.
Christians have lost influence in the government, universities, and entertainment industry, because we believe that being poor made us spiritual. Without the money, we don't have the influence to change things. One goal TRADEway strives for is to create enough Christian millionaires to actually change things in the world.

It's a good thing when God blesses us with physical possessions, as long as we don't worship them. We should love the One who gave them to us more.