Dealing With Loss

Losing, it's hard. I hated losing especially when I was in high school. I mean I hated to lose. I was ultra competitive, probably maybe too competitive. I wanted to win at everything, it could be a pick up basketball game, it could be a beach volleyball game, it just, running to the car, I wanted to be first, I wanted to win.

It's hard to admit that you're wrong, it's hard to deal with lose and yet when we realize that losing is part of life, growing up playing sports you have to learn how to be a good sport, which means you have to learn how to win correctly, you have to learn how to lose correctly and if you play long enough, you're going to experience both. There's nobody that has won everything they've ever played if they've played any length of time.

If we live any length of time we're going to experience loss, the bible tells us that, from dust to dust. So we know that dying is ultimately a part of loss so we'll experience loss of friends, family members, but even in our own lives particularly if it comes to trading, we're going to have losses. We call those things expenses because we want you to treat this like a business, but you're going to have expenses, you're going to have these times when plays aren't going to work.

Unfortunately when we're not making money in our trading account, it really tends to affect our demeanor, it affects the way that we view ourselves and our own self worth, it affects the way that sometimes we interact with other people. Particularly if we're trying to do this full time.

I want to encourage you guys to realize that all throughout scripture Christians have handled loss. I want you guys to find comfort and peace that the Holy Spirit provides, I want you guys to know that this is a long time that you're going to be doing this. It is a journey. It is a process and losses are going to be part of it.

I want you to try to handle it well, please don't try to take it out on other people when things aren't going well, please don't get down on yourself, thinking I can't do this. If this is something that God wants you to accomplish, he will provide for you and in time you'll be able to do what God is calling you to do, whatever he wants you to do.

Remember, money is a tool. Please don't tie your self worth to money. Whether you have a little or you have a lot it doesn't impact your ability to serve God. Now we want you to be successful and to do incredible things for God and for his glory, but please don't see your self worth tied to that. Remember, what's the value of anything? It's what someone is willing to pay for it.

Ask yourself this question, "What was someone willing to pay for your life?" The answer is, Jesus paid it all, that's the value that you possess, that's what you're worth.