How Business Benefits Believers

There are many ways owning a business benefits believers. In today’s society we are taught a formula that is not biblical. We learn that we should graduate from high school, attend college, then work for someone else for the rest of our lives. This does not promote a strong family network and it does not promote generational wealth.  Here are two ways owning a family business benefits believers.

Family Benefit

  • Each member of the family uses their strengths to move the business forward. The younger generations are encouraged to develop their talents, and each family member strives to edify and encourage the others to reach new goals.

  • When working within a family business, each individual has the ability to seek counsel from one another, because they know that the family and business values are based on biblical principles.

  • Fellowship can more easily take place when each member of the family works within the business. The focus is on the wellbeing of the family unit rather than selfish gains. Time is made to enjoy vacations, spend quality time together and build stronger relationships. God wants to see family units thriving.

Financial Benefit

  • Money is not wasted on sending children to college to learn a new skill. Instead, that child is encouraged to learn the family business, save thousands on a degree that might not even be used, help grow the company and increase his or her own wealth sooner.

  • When each individual family member’s talents are used to propel the business to new places, a business has more potential to become very profitable.

  • Generational wealth fulfills God’s will for families. God will continue to bless those who are good stewards of what He has given.

Following Biblical business principles can strengthen your family and the financial stability of your business. This is something you do not learn in society today, but it is clearly expressed in God’s Word.