Can You Guess This Great Way to Connect With Your Grown Kids?

As your kids grow up, you have a lot to talk about with them. Sometimes, when they get a little bit older, parents find they don't really have as much to talk about anymore. What if you, as an adult, had an opportunity to speak to your grown adult kids about something that mattered to them, but it also mattered to you?

 What if you could make that connection with them, and you could find something that you had in common? What if that was stock trading? What if you start trading stocks and you understand as much as you can about how to trade stocks, you do this for many, many years, and then you teach it to your kids? As they get older and they want to learn more about it, they come to you as their source of information.

This is an automatic connection where you are an expert in something that they are interested in. It creates a bond where you get to do something together, and you get to teach them in a way that helps bond you closer to each other and allows you to make money as a family for generations to come.