This is why we love the second amendment...

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon.

Why should we protect our second amendment rights?

  • It is constitutional. We have the right. Some people want to change the constitution by eliminating that right. We need absolutes, because we are fallen creatures and God gives us government for that reason.

  • We should be able to bear arms in case we need to form a militia to fight a government that is taking away our freedoms. If you read the letters of the Founding Fathers, that is the purpose of the second amendment

  • The right to bear arms provides us the ability to protect our families. Some individuals might argue that we have police for that purpose, but too often, police are the ones that clean up the mess after something has already happened. Guns are what protect us.

We will continue to stand for our second amendment rights. We will not accept our freedoms being taken away.