Focus on What Matters

We live in a very self-centered, self-serving world. Christians are not supposed to be conformed to the world though. As Christian entrepreneurs, we need to ensure that we remain focused on God. Consider three important concepts regarding where your focus lies:

Love What Matters
Do not let the blessings that God has given you become the thing you love. Love God, because He is the one who gave the blessings.

Put Faith in What Matters
The Lord will bring trials to remind you that this is not heaven. He wants you to remember that He is working in you and through you. He is the one bringing forth fruit.

Follow What Matters
Realize that that God is not the disciple, you are the disciple. You must follow Him. Do not allow yourself to become selfish, focused on worldly things. He blesses those who are good stewards.

Our businesses must be centered around God. Christians can not be successful in the world without understanding what truly matters. God and His kingdom are what matters.