The Moment the Stock Market Made Sense

Understanding supply and demand can help you to understand the stock market. Supply and demand is what drives the stock market. It may seem complex but it is actually simple.

Imagine that something is rare. If many people want that item, but there is a limited amount, do you think it's going to be cheap or expensive? It's probably going to be expensive. Likewise, if something is not rare and can be purchased anywhere, it's probably going to be cheap.

When you figure out that when something is rare, it's more expensive, and when something is easy to get, it's cheap, and then relate that to stocks, it begins to make sense. When a stock is easy to get, when there is a lot of it out there available to the public, typically it is  going to be a cheaper stock. If everybody wants that stock and everybody is buying it up and it's harder to get that stock, the stock price will go up. It will be more expensive.

This is a beginning, fundamental concept, but understanding it can make stock trading click. TRADEway teaches you these fundamental concepts so that you have the potential to drastically increase your wealth. Small pieces of information have the power to help you build your legacy.