Is the Stock Market Your Friend?

The market is not a person. It doesn’t have emotions. It's just a series of electronic ones and zeros. The only reason it has any sort of semblance of a behavior is because there are humans behind it.

Is there any particular human driving the market? Can you walk up to this market person, sit down and have dinner with them to determine what they think and how they think? The answer is no. It cannot happen.

That market, the thing that we take advantage of, is not an individual. If someone or something is against you and causes you pain, you want to fight it. That is human nature.

In terms of the stock market, what exactly are you fighting? The market is not fighting you, because it's not an individual. The market wants your money, but it also provides you with the opportunity to take as much as you can.

Is the market your friend? Is the market your foe? It's neither. As soon as you can figure that out and start treating the market without emotion, your system is much more likely to work.