How Christians Can Make a Bigger Impact on Countries

How can Christians make a greater impact to this country? The answer comes directly from the bible. What if I suggested to you that the fall of societies was not an economic one, but rather a moral one? We see that we have good and bad, and something to distinguish between good and bad is the law, so we should listen to the law giver, the creator of that law. If we don’t, things will unravel. The Bible shows that as God establishes nations, he also takes them down.

What does that mean for how Christians can have a greater impact? It’s simple. Be salt and light. If salt has lost its saltiness, or flavor, it's not good. We need to shine forth. We do this daily by being filled with the spirit.

Have you ever been filled with happiness? Have you ever been filled with sadness? Have you ever been filled with anger? I'm sure you have. People see that. Your countenance lets others know what is happening within you. When you’re filled with sadness, you may notice others asking “What’s wrong?” as you enter a room. Likewise, when you are happy, people can see it outwardly. Being filled with the Spirit is similar. To be filled with the Spirit means people will recognize a controlling influence in your life. If people recognize it, that points to the glory of God, and then we can make a difference in society.

When we’re walking filled with the Spirit, we understand the way God says society should be run. Not only do we have the ability to impact those around us on a daily basis, we can impact society and how it is governed. We live in a country that encourages us to participate in decision-making. We have a vote. We have a voice. There are roles in government from the school board all the way to the President, and we should be involved in each one of those things, shining forth, walking in the Spirit.

What about the workplace? What about our businesses? Many people act as though businesses can not thrive when they are labeled “Christian” or have religious affiliation. We have plenty of examples of successful Christian businesses. What if I said “Chick-Fil-A” or “Hobby Lobby”? You know these business names. These are highly successful Christian companies that are showing their Christian principles and practices. I challenge you to do the same.

We have an obligation to show others the love of Christ. It is possible to make a profound impact in this Country. It begins with your personal relationship with God, but you have the ability to reach far beyond yourself.