This is why there aren't more christian entrepreneurs...

God encourages entrepreneurship. He blesses entrepreneurs who are good stewards. Many people wonder, “If God truly encourages entrepreneurship, why aren't there more Christian entrepreneurs?”  It is because the world’s system wants us to look at ourselves as part of a group, instead of an individual that was created for a purpose. Many areas of life subtly push people toward socialism. It is important to identify why there are not more Christian entrepreneurs, learn how to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit, and make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

The Church:

One thing frequently taught in the churches is that to be spiritual you need to be poor. That's not biblical. We know that because we're under the Abrahamic covenant, and it has both spiritual blessings and physical blessings from our father in heaven.

The School Systems:
From kindergarten  all the way through business school, even at the graduate level business school, we're not teaching people how to do anything other than work for a boss. Notice that your children, when they're in school, do activities, homework and certain projects with a group. The school system no longer encourages individualism.

The Government:
There is a big push for socialism in government today. Many younger people are under the impression that money should be taken from the most productive members of society and given to those that are the least productive. They no longer see value in strong ethics, use of talents and hard work.

We have lost the concept of leverage in today’s society. Leverage means we need to earn off the efforts of more hours than just our own eight hours a day. You can do that by owning your own company.  The Bible teaches individualism rather than group-think. The Bible teaches capitalism, and it stresses the important of the individual. God looks at all of us as his individual children. He has given us all individual talents and abilities, and an individual purpose in this world that only we can serve.

At TRADEway we teach you how to start a stock trading business, then teach those skills to your kids and grandkids so that you can leverage all the people on Wall Street. You can learn to use some of the smartest people in the world to make more money for your family. The world needs more Christian entrepreneurs.

-David Mitchell