How to Prepare for a Bear Market

One concern people have with stock trading is protecting themselves during a bear market.  There is often fear associated with the idea of a bear market. The media tells us that bear markets are bad, but we know that in an economic cycle, bear markets are inevitable. Even the Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes “to every thing there is a season.” Just as the seasons change, or your body needs rest after a long day, the economy works the same. It expands, and it contracts. It goes up, and then it pulls back. At TRADEway we not only teach you how to protect your finances during a bear market, but we teach you how you can potentially thrive in a bear market.

The first step to feeling prepared and powerful during a bear market is to learn how to identify when a bear market is coming. Nobody has a crystal ball. Nobody knows exactly when we're going to see these kinds of things happen, but we can be more prepared when we know what to watch for. Being prepared for the inevitable economic changes that take place is the first step to being successful at managing and building wealth in the stock market.

Once you’re able to identify a bear market, it’s important to have the education needed so that you are able to be more involved in managing your money. Whether you’re managing your own finances, have a financial advisor, have someone managing your retirement through your job, a 401(k), or whatever option you choose for money management, knowledge gives you the power to handle decision-making confidently. You want to ensure that you have the right vocabulary and skills to work with the person managing your money as it becomes more at-risk in a bear market.

When you know how to protect your money, you can begin to learn how to potentially MAKE money in a bear market. At TRADEway, we teach you how to use put options to potentially make money when the market is going down. At a time when others might panic and make poor financial decisions based on bear market media reports, you will have the opportunity to build your wealth. You will be prepared.

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