Knowledge Is Better Than Gold

 Knowledge is better than gold. King Solomon said it when he said, "Receive knowledge rather than choice gold.” And Benjamin Franklin said it when he said, "Empty your purse into your mind, and it will fill your purse with gold."

So, if knowledge is awesome and if it's really that great, why doesn't it seem to pay the bills? You might know a lot of stuff, right? You could even have a doctorate degree, be full of knowledge, and yet, still be living paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth. If you're in that position, and you're thinking, “I've got lots of knowledge,  but I just can't seem to figure out how to make ends meet”, then maybe you've got the wrong kind of knowledge.

What kind of knowledge do we need? I know you're thinking, I've already got knowledge. I don't need more. But you just need a little bit of different knowledge...knowledge about gold. Not necessarily the physical precious metal, though it could be that. But what I'm talking about is knowledge about how to use your money to pursue more money, how to put it to work for you.  How could you do that? Well, the stock market is one way to put your money to work. Give it a job. Maybe then you won’t have to worry about working so hard yourself.

  Knowledge is something that King Solomon pursued, right? He actually went after knowledge. He could have asked the Lord for gold. God said, you can have anything you want, and Solomon said, give me knowledge. So, he pursued knowledge and got the gold.